US travel warning, Vietnam belongs to low risk group of COVID-19 infection

11, June, 2021

US travel warning, Vietnam belongs to low risk group of COVID-19 infection

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on June 8 relaxed the travel warning for more than 110 countries and territories. Vietnam is ranked on the list of Level 1, the safest level currently according to the CDC's assessment.

The CDC's COVID-19 risk assessment table consists of 5 levels, of which there are 4 levels ranked from Level 1 to Level 4 respectively and a special level for unspecified countries and territories. level of contagion.

The new ranking, announced by the CDC on June 8, has shown 62 countries and territories from Level 4 (very high infection) to Level 3 (high infection). These countries include Japan, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Germany, and France.

The CDC also adjusted, putting about 50 countries into Level 2 (medium spread) or Level 1 (low transmission). According to the CDC's assessment, it can be considered that Level 1 countries are among the safest in COVID-19.

Vietnam along with Singapore, Israel, Korea, China and some other countries are in Level 1.

For these countries, the CDC recommends people to be fully vaccinated prior to arrival. CDC recommends not traveling to Level 4 countries and those who are not fully immunized to avoid going to Level 3 and Level 2 unless absolutely necessary.

Reuters news agency quoted a CDC spokesman as saying that the adjustment of the list was necessary after changing the evaluation criteria. For example, with Level 4, the CDC changed the criteria from 100 infections/100,000 people to 500 infections/100,000 people.

This has helped some countries "escape" Level 4, although the disease situation is still causing concern. According to the CDC representative, the US hopes to have more countries and territories on the list of low risk of infection in the near future.

The US is the country with the fastest vaccination rate in the world. The administration of President Joe Biden is working with Canada, Mexico, the European Union and the UK to resume travel after 15 months of pandemic restrictions, according to Reuters.

Vietnamese travel company receives 'good news' from international guests
Tourists from European and North American markets... are having a lot of demand to learn about Vietnam's tourism products and service prices, after being vaccinated against Covid-19.

From May, international travel agencies in Vietnam that are still operating continuously receive requests and connections from partners in many markets to update products, service prices, prepare for promotion. forward contracts in the near future.

Specifically, travel companies in the UK said that their customers will immediately return to Vietnam after reopening; German tourists still choose Vietnam as one of the top favorite Asian countries.