Vietnam is expected to open international routes at the end of the year

01, July, 2021

Vietnam is expected to open international routes at the end of the year

The Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam forecasts that the regular flight route between Vietnam and Northeast Asian and European countries will recover by the end of the year.

On June 28, a representative of the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam said that the agency assessed that in the second half of 2021, people vaccinated against Covid-19 will increase sharply in Vietnam and the world (especially in key markets of Vietnam). Vietnamese airlines such as Northeast Asia, Europe) will be eligible to create herd immunity. This is the basis to gradually reopen international routes at the end of the third quarter and the beginning of the fourth quarter. The Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam forecasts that the domestic aviation market of Vietnam will also recover from the middle of the third quarter, forecasting over 70 million passengers. In March, the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam proposed to open international routes to Vietnam in phases. Accordingly, from September 2021, depending on the progress of vaccination in Vietnam and the world, the Department will deploy regular flights to carry passengers into Vietnam that do not require post-entry quarantine, if applicable. "vaccine passports".

Flight routes in this period will be deployed between countries and territories accepting the vaccines announced by Vietnam; The initial frequency is expected to be 7 flights per week for each party's airlines. Currently, more than 30 foreign and Vietnamese airlines operate flights from Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe to carry goods, diplomats, experts, and skilled workers. high school, foreign students... going to and from Vietnam, licensed by the Civil Aviation Administration. In addition, a number of flights to bring Vietnamese citizens home are still continuing. Regular international flights from Vietnam to other countries have not been implemented yet.

Vietnamese airlines mainly operate domestic routes. However, transportation volume has dropped sharply since the end of April. Especially, from May 31, when Ho Chi Minh City implemented social distancing, domestic passengers dropped to 20-30% compared to March-April. before. In the first two weeks of June, the shipping volume was only 5-10% of April. In the first 6 months of this year, air passengers only reached 26.8 million, down 19.4% over the same period last year, of which international arrivals decreased by 97%. Due to the inactivity of many aircraft, the parking space is overloaded at Noi Bai Noi Bai and Tan Son Nhat airports. The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam has to adjust the operating schedule so that the aircraft can be parked overnight at other airports. After international flights are gradually restored, 20-30% of fleets of Vietnamese airlines will no longer stay overnight at ports because international routes to Europe and Northeast Asia all fly overnight. .