Vietnam Travel News - January 14, 2022

14, January, 2022

Vietnam Travel News - January 14, 2022

ASEAN Clean Tourism City Award 2022

Da Lat City together with Ha Long and Vung Tau representing Vietnam were awarded the ASEAN Clean Tourism City Award 2022 at the Southeast Asia Tourism Forum - ATF 2022

This is a noble award of ASEAN, contributing to honoring and developing local brands, high-quality tourism products and services in the region. Thereby, the units can propagate, promote, improve the effectiveness of Vietnam tourism promotion and the national destination brand "Vietnam Timeless Charm".

Ho Chi Minh City is ready to welcome international visitors in 2022

The Prime Minister has just allowed Ho Chi Minh City to participate in a pilot program to welcome international tourists to Vietnam, opening an opportunity for Ho Chi Minh City to revive the tourism industry after a long period of "freezing". "because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Opening to international visitors: An opportunity to revive tourism

Vietnam implemented the second phase of welcoming international visitors from the beginning of 2022 with an expanded scale and area in many provinces and cities. This is bringing opportunities as well as the possibility of an early recovery for the tourism market.

Vietnam sets a target of 5 million international visitors by 2022

In 2022, Vietnam strives to welcome 65 million tourists, of which about 5 million are international visitors, about 60 million domestic tourists. However, the Covid-19 pandemic is unpredictable, and the goal of welcoming 5 million international visitors to Vietnam in 2022 is forecasted to be extremely difficult.