Vietnam, destination for the retired

26, July, 2022

Vietnam, destination for the retired

Vietnam is a suitable place for retirees due to its low cost of living and rich travel experiences.

Vietnam is one of eight countries on the list of suitable places to travel in retirement, selected by Travel+Leisure. According to the famous American travel magazine, a suitable country is having a low cost of living, a comfortable life, including factors such as weather, geographical location, health care services.

The cost of living in Vietnam is about 49% lower than in the US, while rent is about 75% lower. In Ho Chi Minh City, which has the largest expat community in Vietnam, according to International Living, the cost of living is 62% lower than in New York. In addition, Vietnam is also considered "especially suitable" for adventurous retirees who love to swim. The scenery, food, history and culture are rich.

The magazine assessed that applying for a tourist visa in Vietnam is not as simple as in many other countries, but foreign tourists can apply for a work or long-term stay visa. Affordable high-quality healthcare services in Vietnam, both public and private. International hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City have many foreign patients and medical staff can communicate well in English.

In addition to Vietnam, the list is mainly from Latin American countries such as Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia. In Europe, the two countries chosen are Portugal and Montenegro. Vietnam is the only Asian country.