Lan Ha Bay is a place worth visiting

29, July, 2022

Lan Ha Bay is a place worth visiting

Thrillist travel site chooses one of the most beautiful destinations for each Southeast Asian country, including Vietnam's Lan Ha Bay.

Thrillist's Kastalia Medrano, who spent two months backpacking in Southeast Asia, admits it's hard to contain the feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out) on the journey. With the task of choosing in each Southeast Asian country the most impressive destination, Medrano begins by advising tourists to visit Lan Ha Bay when visiting Vietnam.

Located in the south of Ha Long Bay, the typical attraction of Lan Ha Bay is the small islands with sandy beaches at the foot of rocky mountains, forming private and unspoiled beaches. She suggests visitors should rent a boat to explore, or spend time swimming.

"Here is a floating village that has existed for thousands of years, with about 200 households living. The bay has hundreds of small islands, of which Cat Ba is the largest. residence", Medrano describes about Lan Ha Bay.

The floating village that Medrano mentioned is Cai Beo, where visitors can visit fish rafts and buy seafood. In addition, Ba Trai Dao Island and Monkey Island are also attractive attractions. Van Boi beach, Van Ha beach or calm seas like Sen and Cu islands are places where visitors can dive and see corals.