Ninh Binh, the most beautiful destination on movie

31, July, 2022

Ninh Binh, the most beautiful destination on movie

Ninh Binh was honored in the top 12 tourist destinations in Asia thanks to the movie Kong: Skull Island.

The American travel magazine Travel+Leisure lists 12 destinations in Asia that have appeared in blockbuster movies and classic movies. These destinations clearly showcase the beauty, history and culture of East Asia.

Ninh Binh is the representative of Vietnam on the list when it becomes the setting for the $190 million blockbuster - Kong: Skull Island. With such a budget, the film needs a commensurately large context, using many points in Vietnam as the setting.

Along with some other famous places such as Ha Long Bay (Quang Ninh) and Mouse Cave (Quang Binh), Ninh Binh appeared in the film with Trang An, Van Long lagoon, Tam Coc. The American magazine called Ninh Binh "Halong Bay on land", with a similar landscape but less known to foreign tourists. Ninh Binh is also praised for having many unique style Buddhist temples.

Asian destinations are diverse, ranging from ancient temples hidden in the jungle to chic beachside bars, suitable for adventure and role-playing movies. In addition to Ninh Binh, some other destinations that appear on the list include Siem Reap (Cambodia) in Angelina Jolie's Secret Tomb Raider, Busan (South Korea) in Black Panther or Black Panther. Singapore in Crazy Rich Asian, Maldives in Star Wars side story...