Halong, world's most beautiful destinations in 2022

14, August, 2022

Halong, world's most beautiful destinations in 2022

The Canadian newspaper selected Ha Long Bay as one of the 10 most beautiful destinations in the world this year.

The Canadian travel website, The Travel, voted for the 10 most beautiful destinations in the world in 2022. The list is diverse, from high cliffs to blue glacial lakes, picturesque villages and temples. mysterious. "The top destinations show us what a truly spectacular place. Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO world heritage site, a collection of limestone mountains with interesting shapes.

Ha Long Bay is the representative of Vietnam in the list, ranked 5th. The website describes this as a bay dotted with more than 1,600 limestone towers and tree-covered islands. tropical green. The islands are uninhabited, keeping the wild character. "Mysterious landscape as covered by a layer of fog", this site describes.

The best way to experience Ha Long Bay is by taking a cruise, or kayaking through the limestone karsts. Another suggestion for visitors is to visit the caves located in the bay, including Thien Cung cave and Sung Sot cave.

In addition to Ha Long Bay, Southeast Asia has Cambodia's Angkor Wat temple appearing on the list. The remaining destinations are all famous tourist icons in the world, including salt fields in Bolivia, Venice in Italy, the Greek island of Santorini...

Topping the list is Zhangjiajie National Park in China, which was the inspiration for the famous Avatar movie. Hundreds of towering sandstone columns, turning this place into a "like unreal" spot.