6 must-try experiences in Vietnam by The Culture Trip

22, August, 2022

6 must-try experiences in Vietnam by The Culture Trip

According to The Culture Trip, here are 6 interesting activities in Vietnam that any visitor should experience once in their life when traveling to this beautiful country.

Visit Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter is an area not to be missed when traveling in the capital. The old town consists of 36 streets, each street specializes in selling a different type of item. It also has a mix of classic and modern features.

Going to the floating market

For foreign tourists, shopping in floating markets must be an interesting and quite new experience. This is also a way for tourists to discover culture and understand the daily life of indigenous people.

Eating on the sidewalk in Ho Chi Minh City:

Not only in Ho Chi Minh City, visitors can also enjoy delicious food in sidewalk restaurants in any city in Vietnam. Tourists can sit on the stools, enjoy the food and learn about the life of the indigenous people.

Buy clothes in Hoi An ancient town:

Previously, Hoi An used to be a prosperous trading port, bustling with buyers and sellers. Up to now, here is also quite famous for tailoring with many experienced tailors. Visitors can easily find beautiful clothes at a reasonable price or buy them as souvenirs