Autumn of Hanoi and best Vietnamese dishes

25, August, 2022

Autumn of Hanoi and best Vietnamese dishes

Hanoi is in the top of the world's most attractive destinations in the autumn of 2022

In the list of 12 most attractive destinations in the world for autumn 2022 voted by CNN, Hanoi is considered "an interesting bright spot" with beautiful scenery and pleasant climate.

According to CNN, Hanoi has all the features that make it one of the most attractive destinations in the world this autumn.

Autumn in Hanoi brings an idyllic and gentle beauty. All over the streets are foliage mixed with red and yellow, the sky is clear and cool.

Three Vietnamese dishes in the top Asian street food

CNN announced the 50 most delicious dishes in Asia that visitors must try and love, including banh mi, pho and iced milk coffee.

Mentioned at the top of CNN's list of the 50 best street foods in Asia by CNN is banh mi, "Vietnamese culinary star" is mentioned by many international guests and foreign press. "The French may have imported baguettes into Vietnam. But this famous sandwich is a unique creation from the locals. The dish has many versions, but the combination. The most classic usually consists of pork, raw vegetables, coriander, pate and crispy, spongy bread," CNN wrote about this dish.

Iced coffee is a "remembering" drink for many international guests. The image of famous international guests sitting in Hanoi coffee is no longer a strange thing. "Iced coffee can be bought from street vendors, or in shops. Locals drink coffee in many ways: from black to brown (with milk) or with coconut milk. Sit down on a plastic chair. , make new friends, chat with them while continuing to enjoy this cool drink in hand", is the suggestion that the American newspaper gives to visitors.

Pho was commented by the American newspaper as "there are very few street foods that can compete with pho". Diners can easily enjoy pho at roadside eateries or high-class restaurants. The dish is attractive thanks to the fragrant and rich broth, the chewy noodle noodles are not friable and the meat is tender