Hanoi, destination for for solo travel

20, June, 2023

Hanoi, destination for for solo travel

In the top 15 most popular destinations in the world in 2023 for solo travel, Vietnam has two representatives, Hanoi ranked first and Ho Chi Minh City ranked sixth.

The ranking is based on the latest research by leading UK travel company Explore Worldwide on global search data. Interest in the Vietnamese capital by international visitors increased by more than 940% compared to last year's search volume, with Ho Chi Minh City up 480%.

Possessing aesthetic beauty and ancient architecture, Hanoi is a place rich in cultural value. Travelers go alone there are many activities to experience this place such as visiting food markets, historical sites or simply looking at the colorful streets.

Explore Worldwide rated Ho Chi Minh City as the busiest city in Vietnam where there is an interesting blend of tradition - modernity. Suggested things are exploring the Cu Chi tunnels, taking a boat ride and dining on the rooftop of a skyscraper with panoramic views of the city in just one day.

The remaining cities include: Bangkok (Thailand), Taipei (Taiwan Island), Seoul (South Korea), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Perth (Australia), Singapore, Sydney, Guangzhou (China), Zurich ( Switzerland), Melbourne (Australia), Nice (France), Manila (Philippines). Only two European cities in the top show that the trend of searching and visiting Asia-Pacific destinations is becoming a new trend among solo travelers.

Explore Worldwide has more than 40 years of experience organizing adventure tours to more than 100 countries. The research was carried out by Explore Worldwide after videos with the hashtag solo travel attracted nearly four billion views on Tiktok, making solo travel a global cultural phenomenon. To find the most attractive destinations, the company analyzed Google's search data for two years. The cities that entered the top were not only the most searched this year, but also experienced a sudden growth compared to the previous year.

According to Explore Travel's Australia and New Zealand regional director Ben Ittensoh, the latest research shows that travelers increasingly want to explore more places than traditional destinations in the West. "It's exciting to see cities like Hanoi and Bangkok emerge as hotspots for the solo adventurer. This trend is testament to the historical and cultural appeal of these cities as well as their own. change today's travelers who are looking for a unique travel experience," Ittensoh said.