Vietnam ranked among 10 most friendly destinations

13, July, 2023

Vietnam ranked among 10 most friendly destinations

Vietnam and Cambodia are the only two countries in Southeast Asia participating in the list of 10 friendliest destinations in the world.

Canada's The Travel magazine recently cited information from a survey conducted by InterNations to choose the 10 most tourist-friendly destinations in the world. The survey was based on responses from 12,000 people from 174 countries.

When participating in the survey, international visitors will rate the friendliness of the people in each country towards foreigners. Having good time with locals is one of the meaningful partt of a tourist's trip.

The results show that the top 10 friendly countries include 5 Asian countries (including 2 Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam and Cambodia), 4 American countries and one European country.

With Vietnam, the magazine admits: "The element of politeness and respect is a fundamental part of Vietnamese culture, so it is understandable when visitors see Vietnam as a friendly country".

Despite the language barrier, tourists to Vietnam always receive smiles from the locals who always try to interact with foreign tourists, making tourists feel really welcome.

In addition to Vietnam and Cambodia, the other destinations on the list are Canada, Colombia, Oman, Costa Rica, Bahrain, Mexico, and Portugal.

Reportedly, before that, The Travel magazine also identified Vietnam as one of the top 10 ideal countries in the world with affordable prices to work remotely. The Travel assesses that there is no place that offers everything for global tourists like Vietnam. The world-renowned wonderful dishes, the surreal landscape and the friendliness and hospitality of the people have created the brand name of Vietnam in the international arena. Besides, accommodation facilities in Vietnam often have reasonable prices, accompanied by good service quality.

According to Google Destination Insights, Vietnam is among the top 20 most searched destinations.

The rise of Vietnam's tourism is reflected in the number of international visitors. Data released by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism shows that Vietnam welcomed more than 5.5 million international visitors in the first six months of 2023, exceeding the total number of international visitors in the whole of 2022. The increase mainly came from Chinese, Indian and Korean tourists.