Great things in Vietnam

25, July, 2023

Great things in Vietnam

Vietnam is without a doubt one of the favorite destinations of tourists because it is known for its beautiful country, friendly people, delicious food... However, very few people know the wonderful things during their living, working or traveling in Vietnam.

1. Natural beauty
Compared to neighboring countries such as Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam is much more beautiful with diverse landscapes from north to south. In addition, Vietnam preserves the natural beauty quite well, making tourists to Vietnam still have many places to explore and enjoy.

2. Friendly people
According to the comments of many tourists and especially foreigners living and working in Vietnam, Vietnamese people are extremely close and friendly. In Vietnam, you will easily shake hands with strangers, be invited to drink tea, have lunch, attend people's activities such as weddings, festivals... or get help whenever needed. This is one of the reasons why many people plan their second trips to Vietnam.

3. Internet
Many Vietnamese when traveling to Europe often complain that the Internet is not as good as in Vietnam and it is true. In Vietnam, you can access the Internet anywhere and it's completely free. What you need is to ask for the wifi password. So traveling in Vietnam will be very easy and you will always be connected with family and friends.

4. Driving
Everyone knows that Vietnam is the land of millions of motorbikes and tourists are always overwhelmed and confused when participating in traffic in Vietnam. However, look at it with positive eyes, driving in Vietnam requires flexibility, patience and understanding, which many tourists consider worth learning.

5. Food
If you are used to buying everything from supermarkets and frozen foods, Vietnamese people love going to markets where fresh items from meat, seafood to vegetables and fruits are sold. So the food in Vietnam is always delicious and especially very diverse depending on the processing method of each person or the place you go to.

6. Vietnam culture
Vietnam is a country with a mixture of Chinese and Indian cultures but also has its own identity of the Vietnamese and more than 50 other ethnic minorities. Exploring Vietnamese culture is an extremely interesting thing.

7. Optimism
Experiencing many wars, pain and loss. Vietnamese people are full of optimism and happiness. Traveling to Vietnam is also a great opportunity to learn. In addition, Vietnam's economy is developing very quickly, there are many opportunities to do business or work and live in Vietnam.

8. Cheap travel costs
The great thing is that the cost of traveling to Vietnam is quite cheap when compared to Thailand, Cambodia or Laos. If you eat like a local, you only need to spend about 6-8 US dollars for breakfast, lunch and dinner which includes local drinks like draft beer, tea, mineral water.

9. Safe destination
In Vietnamese culture, guests are number one, so Vietnamese people are very hospitable, respectful and welcoming. If you travel to Vietnam, even go alone from cities to remote mountainous places. You also don't have to worry because Vietnam is very safe and you can always ask for help from anyone.