Ko Nang Yuan

The small island of Ko Nang Yuanin the Central Gulf Coast of Southern Thailand is regarded as one of the top snorkelling and diving centres in the whole of Thailand. Day trippers come from both the mainland but also the nearby islands of Ko Tao, Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Samui. The less active may simply want to lie on the beautiful beach and soak up the sun, taking the occasional swim but beware the current is strong.

Thailand tour packages aim to show their clients the beautiful coastline and this little island deserves that adjective.

ko nang yuan travel guide

How to get there
There are flights from Bangkok to Chumphon Airport with a catamaran linking the coast with the island. Those wanting a more relaxing time can take the long boat instead. One on the island the only transport option is your feet.

Best time to visit Ko Nang Yuan
If you have a holiday in Thailand you will experience climatic changes as you move through the Country. The Central Region has a fairly constant temperature and you can expect a norm of 30C during the day. Rainfall is at its height between May and October but that does not necessarily mean persistent rain each day; it may just be an afternoon shower if you are lucky.

Things to do in Ko Nang Yuan
The coastal resorts of South East Asia have become very popular, hence the demand for Indochina tour packages. When it comes to Ko Nang Yuan a visit to enjoy the location, above and below the waves is a treat.

The nearest accommodation other than Nang Yan Diving Resort is on Ko Tao and indeed there is only a single restaurant on the island so prices reflect the monopoly status it holds. It is cheaper to jump back on a boat to Ko Tao for lunch and then return. Those staying cannot expect to go to Ko Tao at night.

Ko Nang Yuan map