Mu Ko Chang National Park

The marine national park of Mu Ko Ang Thong is in the Gulf of Thailand. In total there are 42 islands with only 18 square kilometres of the Park dry land in the total of 102. The Park is off Surat Thai Province and is an interesting inclusion in Thailand travel packages. "Mu Ko" means "group of islands" while "Ang Thong" means "bowl of gold".  

How to get there
Surat Thai is an interesting province in itself and has two airports. It means Mu Ko Thang is fairly accessible especially since there is also a rail infrastructure. The roads are fairly good and bus services provide an additional link with Bangkok and parts further north.

mu ko chang national park

Best time to visit
There is plenty of rain in Southern Thailand with the driest period starting in December and lasting for four months. It does not mean that the rainy season involves prolonged rainfall. That may happen at times but for many weeks it just means an afternoon shower that does not really spoil the day and tourist numbers certainly seem to agree.

Temperatures do cool in the dry season but build up through March and April before the rains arrive. The annual average highs are around 30C and night time still pleasant.

Things to see and do
This is an exceptional region for snorkelling and scuba diving. There are plenty of beaches for those just wanting to sunbathe and swim. There is little chance of crowds so the Park is a great place to relax.

There are uninhabited islands to explore if you board a boat or opt to do some kayaking. There are great bays and interesting caves. The museum has plenty of information about the natural environment and the marine life you have a good chance of seeing. There is plenty of variety and colour under the waves with shark and manta probably the largest things you might see.

Inland there are two waterfalls that you can visit with a ranger though it is a fairly long trek to Than May on and Khlong Plu Waterfalls.

The best accommodation for those wanting to explore Mu Ko Tang is the option of bungalows at Ao Phi beach on Ko Wua Talap. Alternatively there are tents for hire. Thailand tour packages of course arrange all the accommodation their clients require for their holiday in Thailand before their arrival.

Mu Ko Chang National Park map