Khura Buri County

Khura Buri County

Similan Islands National Park
This world-renowned marine national park, occupying an area of 128,000, is 50 kilometres off the west coast of Phang-nga in the Andaman Sea. Due to the plentiful natural beauty found on the islands and the abundant coral gardens and marine lives under the sea, the Similan Islands are rated by the Skin Diving Magazine of USA as one of the top ten island groups on earth.

Lined from north to south, the nine islands are: Ko Bon, Ko Ba Ngu, Ko Similan, Ko Payu, Ko Miang, Ko Payan, Ko Payang and Ko Hu Yong.

Some attractive islands are as follows:

Ko Ba Ngu
Looking like a skull, it is also called Ko Hua Kalok or Skull Island. The island is renowned for its wonderful underwater scenery with corals, aquatic plants and many schools of fish.

Ko Similan
This is the largest island with a long curving bay and fine sandy beach. At the northern part, there are large stones of different shapes, including one looking like a boat and another like a sailboat. It is suitable for diving to look at coral reefs and colourful fish.
Ko Miang is the second largest island where the office and the guesthouses of the national park are located. The island also has beautiful beaches and coral reefs.
Ko Hu Yong has the longest stretch of white sandy beach where sea turtles lay eggs from November to February.

Similan Islands are open for tourists from 16 November to 15 May every year.But the best period to visit the Similans is from December through April. March is regarded as the best month with the lowest winds and clearest water.

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