10 Top Things to Do In Thailand

24, January, 2018

10 Top Things to Do In Thailand

Thailand is a dream travel destination with plenty of things to see and do. Whether it is exploring the ruins of ancient kingdoms, lush jungles, sandy beaches, or bustling cities, this country is perfect for all types of travellers. Plus, the spicy cuisine in among the finest in the world, the people are welcoming, and your money is certain to go far without breaking the bank.  

But, with so many things to do in Thailand it can be difficult to put together a travel itinerary that only includes the top attractions and activities. So, let's take a look at ten top things to do in Thailand:

Temple hopping
Temple hopping is a popular activity in many of the countries throughout SE Asia. One of the most sacred places to visit in Thailand is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, which is the most important and grandest temple, and located in Bangkok. Other temples to visit in the city include the Temple of the Dawn and Temple of the Reclining Buddha. All three temples are easily explored in a single day, which can also include relaxing by the Chao Phraya River to break up the sightseeing.

Jungle trekking
Travellers in the north of the country will get plenty of opportunities to experience a multi-day trek into the thick, lush-green jungle. A 2 or 3-day trekking tour starting in Chiang Mai gives easy access to remote villages, epic temples, waterfalls, and even cliff diving. Jungle trekking is certain to appeal to the adventurous traveller on the Thailand customised tours, especially those looking to get a break from the modern world and the busy tourist centres. Also, for those interested, it is possible to learn about the Thai jungle animals and plant life.

Chatuchak Market (Bangkok)
Shopping is certain to popular activity for many tourists on the Thailand tours. A visit to the Chatuchak Market is certain to appeal to those looking to buy gifts or souvenirs for family or friends at home. This market is the largest in the country with an estimated 200,000 plus visitors on a daily basis. It has literally thousands of stands selling everything imaginable, and is conveniently organised into multiple sections. The large scale of the Chatuchak Market creates a maze-like structure that makes it really easy to get lost. But, with decent haggling skills you shouldn't find it too difficult to find plenty of bargains.

Visit the town of Pai
The northern town of Pai is in a beautiful part of Thailand with plenty to see and do. A 30-minute motorbike ride gives easy access to hot springs to soak in, hiking in a canyon, or playing in waterfalls. Also, within the actual town, there are plenty of bars in the evenings, great cafes, a few art galleries, and a wonderful night market.

Enjoy the local cuisine
Thailand is well known for its spicy cuisine and when travelling in the country, there are plenty of reasons to try the real thing. Whether it is eating in a high-end restaurant in Bangkok or getting an authentic taste of khao soi (northern Thai inspired soup) on the local street food scene, the dishes are all mouth-watering delicious.

Scuba diving in Ko Tao
Thailand has plenty of gorgeous coastlines and islands to get involved in scuba diving. One of the best places to visit is the island of Ko Tao, which is appreciated for its tropical coral reefs and many dive centres. They are perfect for the beginner and skilled divers alike. Plus, there is plenty of competition between the dive centres, which helps to keep the prices low and services at a high quality. Also, this is a great place to get scuba certified which can typically take a few days to complete.

Attend a Buddhist holiday
Nearly 95% of the Thai people are Buddhist. For travellers looking to appreciate more about the Thai culture and Buddhism, it is practical to participate in one of the Buddhist holidays and visit the country at this time of year. There are plenty of Buddhist holidays taking place throughout the year.

Join in with the local activities and follow the locals to the biggest nearby temple. The Thai people are very friendly and will have no problems with tourists being in attendance. However, it is important to act and dress appropriately. This means dressing accordingly with no singlets or flip-flops in the temples.

Go rock climbing
Krabi is a wonderful province that has plenty of stunning karst mountains scattered across its landscape. Tonsia and Railay are two beach towns that are a favourite destination for tourists in search of rock climbing opportunities. There are plenty of climbing routes from basic to complex. Also, for the complete beginner to rock climbing, there are several schools in the local vicinity to get a few much needed lessons.

For travellers on a tight budget, a stay in Tonsai is certain to appeal with its great choice of low-cost hostels and guest houses, while Railay is a bit more touristy and upscale with higher prices for the hotels and guest houses.

Explore Ko Tarutao National Park
The Ko Tarutao National Park is one of Thailand's most unspoilt, exquisite regions and a perfect destination for the entire family. The actual park incorporates 51 islands that are rich in thick rainforest and surrounded by radiant white beaches and healthy coral reefs. The Ko Tarutao National Park is a hotspot for tourists in search of a little adventure with activities like spotting wildlife (wild pigs, mouse deer, crab-eating macaques, dusky langurs, and more), trekking, and cycling. A great way to explore the region is on a boat cruise that passes through the mangroves, while there are also several cave systems to explore.

Take a Cooking Class
Taking a cooking class on the Thailand family tours is certain to appeal to tourists wishing to learn to cook a few of the delicious Thai dishes. There are plenty of cooking classes in the major tourist destinations such as Chiang Mai and Phuket. Use the cooking class to learn the classics like a Massaman curry or a papaya salad, which can easily be recreated after arriving home.