11 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Thailand At Least Once

29, January, 2018

11 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Thailand At Least Once

Thailand is a wonderful travel destination in SE Asia with plenty of things to see and do, including its gorgeous coastlines with pristine beaches and blue lagoons, ancient ruins, lush-green landscapes filled with traditional farming villages, hill tribes selling handicrafts, orange-robed monks at the Buddhist temples, and modern cities filled with tuk-tuks and motorbikes.

Here are eleven reasons why the soon-to-be traveller should decide on Thailand as their next travel destination:

Low-cost travel
Travel in Thailand is relatively inexpensive with plenty of transportation options to get around the colourful towns and cities. Air flight is very affordable within the country with budget-friendly airlines like AirAsia and Nok Air readily available. Also, the train and bus infrastructure in the country is quite reliable and incredibly affordable. Most of the biggest tourist destinations and rural cities have stations to make it possible to get around on the Thailand travel packages even for those with the tightest budget.  

Gorgeous weather
Thailand is a great tourist destination to visit year-round – although the peak travel season is November to February when the weather is dry and warm. The average temperature for the dry season is unlikely to exceed 32° C (90° F). For the duration of the hot season, the pristine beaches located on Thailand’s immense coastline are packed with tourists. Many travellers visit northern Thailand and Bangkok at the time of the monsoon season because the islands are at risk of flooding. Tourists on the Thailand tours will find pros and cons of travelling in any season, but the country's plentiful sunshine means there is little risk of getting cold.

Best dive sites
Thailand's 1,500 miles of stunning coastline give plenty of opportunities for diving in this part of the world. Irrespective of the travel time, there is a variety of wonderful places to explore the tropical coral reefs and fish under the sea. Even  at the time of the monsoon season, there are places like Pattaya that are still a great dive site since this area is rarely affected by the weather and a great area to spot the sea turtles. A few of the top diving sites in the country include Chumphon, Koh Chang, the Surin Islands and Koh Tao.

Buddhist temples
Thailand has nearly 40,000 Buddhist temples throughout the country which is certain to mean tourists will have plenty of opportunities to see a temple with a construction or architectural styles that catches their eye. Even though the most abundant and unique temples are found in the capital of Bangkok, there are still many more of these majestic structures to be found in every province in Thailand.

Adventurous aspect
Thailand's unique terrain makes it a perfect destination for a wide range of adventurous excursions. A white water rafting trip is certain to appeal to the tourist in search of the adrenaline-fuelled fun, while the animal lovers can have a great time at one of the elephant sanctuaries. Also, there are the jungles to be zip lined through, waves on the coast to be surfed, and plenty of relaxed to challenging trails to be trekked.

Lively markets
The markets in Thailand are certain to appeal to the tourists that love to shop. Markets throughout the country are open from early in the day to late at night and each one is different in relation to the items for sale and the crowds they attract. Many of the markets sell everyday items, second-hand goods, and antiques, while others are dedicated to delicious street food. They are a great place to spend a few hours on the Thailand tour packages and visitors are sure to find a gift or souvenir for friends or family at home.

Colourful festivals
Thailand has plenty of festivals taking place throughout the year. Most of the festivals are related to things like the lunar calendar or religion, but they are all extremely fun and interesting to take part in. Many tourists planning the Thailand holiday even create a travel itinerary that specially includes one or more of these festivals to see what makes them so fascinating. One of the special festivals is Songkran, which celebrates the Thai New Year and is held in April every year, and sees the entire country get involved in street parties and friendly, fun-filled water fights.

Rich culture and history
Even though many of the large cities throughout Thailand have been modernised to meet the demands of the modern world, there are still plenty of places to visit to see the country's ancient and interesting culture. One of the ancient cities to visit is Sukhothai, which has plenty of temple ruins dating back to the Sukhothai Kingdom (1238-1438). Also, there are plenty of places in Thailand to appreciate the vast number of art forms, such as the Thai puppetry and Thai dancing performances.

Delicious cuisine
The Thai food is so diverse and delicious that there is no reason to eat the same dish on more than one occasion. Also, tourists will notice the style of food and taste will change as they move around the country which means the food options will continue to change from location to location.

Thailand has a unique geographical feature that gives every province in the country something different. One of the most appealing natural features is certain to be the pristine beaches. Thailand's coastline stretches for nearly 1500 miles which ranges from the stunning, secluded and quiet beaches to those that are constantly overrun by tourists. A few of the top beach destinations include Sunset Beach on Koh Kradan Island and Freedom Beach in Phuket.

Thailand's mountainous terrain, beaches and national parks mean there is a huge amount of wildlife. One of the best places to visit on the Thailand family tours is the Khao Yai National Park which spans nearly 2000 sq km and home to wild boars, tigers, bears, gibbons, elephants, and more. Also, there are places like Monkey Beach, Phi Phi Island, which has a friendly colony of monkeys that will get up close to visitors to the beach.