Top Places You Must Visit In Thailand

29, January, 2018

Top Places You Must Visit In Thailand

With its stunning cultural sights, tropical jungles and pristine white beaches, Thailand is certain to make a fascinating and intriguing travel destination.

Let's take a look at the most beautiful and must visit places in Thailand:

Northern Thailand
Northern Thailand is a region of the country rich in lush-green valleys and misty mountains which makes it a perfect destination to visit the indigenous hill tribes and enjoy jungle trekking. Also, the mountainous terrain means the temperature is cooler compared to other parts of the country.

A flourishing city in the north is Chiang Mai with its relaxed atmosphere and low-cost prices to make a wonderful place to visit on the Thailand tour packages. It is a practical base for both backpackers and tourists to get involved in outdoor adventures, as well as explore hill tribes and lush landscapes. Also, the actual city of Chiang Mai is culturally important for its modern and historical Thai architecture. A walk through the city gives a wonderful view of its Buddhist temples and old city walls. However, to get a view of Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, which is the most famous temple, it is necessary to take a short trip outside of Chiang Mai to reach its mountainside location.

Nearby is the small town of Pai which takes about three hours to reach by vehicle. Pai has a fascinating rural landscape with waterfalls, hot springs and rice fields. Also, its location in the foothills of the mountains makes it is a wonderful place to go on a trekking expedition that includes visiting a few hill tribes on the travels. Plus, the Pai River is great for white-water and tubing adventures.

The Mae Hong Son province is located north-west of Chiang Mai and one of the least populous regions in the country. For an adventurous time hire a scooter for the day and tour the Mae Hong Son loop that stretches between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son to pass through stunning regions of this part of Thailand.

Also, a stay in Chiang Rai is certain to appeal to many travellers on the Thailand family tours. The actual town can be a little quiet during the day, but at night-time the place starts to liven up with its restaurants and souvenir stalls springing into life. Additionally, it is a great gateway to the nearby national parks, as well as giving easy access to visit Laos for those interested in completing a full Indochina tour.

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Central Thailand
Beyond the capital city of Bangkok with its exquisitely decorated Buddhist temples, streets lined with traders selling tantalizing foods and souvenirs, bustling markets, magnificent palaces, a buzzing city of high rise buildings, high-end restaurants and a glittering nightclub scene, other great attractions in the central region of the country include the archaeological sites of Sukhothai and Ayutthaya. Both packed with ancient relics of Buddhist temples.

Bangkok is much more than a concrete jungle filled with air pollution and noisy traffic, the capital is also appreciated for its flowering tropical plants, green spaces and canals. Also, there are several temples that shouldn't be missed, such as the sacred Wat Phra Kaew temple.

The ruins in the city Ayutthaya are located approx 80 km north of Bangkok and easily reached by van, bus, boat or train. This is a top tourist attraction for visitors on the Thailand tours. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has many ruined complexes and fairly well maintained temples to see in the ancient capital.

The relatively small city Kanchanaburi is located about 120 km from the capital and most famous for the Bridge over the River Kwai which led to the death of thousands of POWS and Asian labourers during its construction at the time of World War II. There are several war cemeteries and museums nearby that make it possible to learn more about the history of the bridge under Japanese occupation.

Even though the traveller scene is quite minor it still makes a useful located for travellers planning to visit the Sai Yok National Park, as well as nearby waterfalls and historical sites.

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Southern Thailand
Most of the travel scene in southern Thailand is devoted to the beaches and islands. They are famous throughout the world for their party atmosphere, gorgeous scenery and beautiful beaches.

The most popular and developed resorts are located on the west coast along the Andaman Sea. Phuket is the most developed and largest island in the country, and connects to the mainland via two bridges. The Phi Phi Islands are among the loveliest in the country and great to visit for a short stay by speedboat. Other great places to visit include the Khao Sok National Park and Ao Nang beach, as well as islands like Koh Kradan, Koh Lipe and Koh Lanta.

The Khao Sok National Park is seen as one of the finest wildlife reserves in the country with its stunning landscape of limestone karsts, thick jungle forests, lakes and rivers. The park is home to many of Thailand's most amazing wildlife such as pig-tailed macaques, gibbons, bears, wild boar, barking deer, langurs and Asian elephants. For travellers looking to explore, the national park has several trekking trails that make it possible to admire stunning vistas, photograph beautiful waterfalls, and hopefully spot wildlife.

On the east coast of Thailand the islands are scarcer, but with a short monsoon season, the weather is more favourable for year-round travel opportunities. A few worthwhile places to visit on the Thailand travel packages include Koh Phangan which is a mixture of  part  secluded island paradise, part  party island, Koh Tao is great to learn to scuba dive, and Koh Samui has plenty of mid-range to high-end holiday resorts. However, there are many more secluded and lively islands to explore in the region.