9 Beautiful Beaches in Thailand to Visit

01, February, 2018

9 Beautiful Beaches in Thailand to Visit

Thailand is well-known for its picture-perfect coastline that stretches 2000 miles, as well as tropical islands and beaches that supply virtually endless amounts of sand, sea and sun. With nearly 32 million tourists arriving in Thailand to relax on its beaches it is easy to appreciate the qualities of this SE Asian country. However, a Thailand family tour can include plenty of diversity in the travel options with a long list of hidden gems and spots throughout the country.

Let's take a look at nine of the most stunning beaches in Thailand to visit:

Chaweng Beach
Chaweng Beach is a top travel destination for the travelling beach bum. It is easily located on the eastern coast of Koh Samui. It can easily combine relaxing on a while sandy beach for the day with visiting a lively nightclub in the evening to make this island a clear crowd favourite

It is a wonderful spot to fully relax and unwind on the travels with many places to visit to see the wonderful range of spicy food, as well as the versatile accommodation options. Also, the location of Chaweng Beach makes it a perfect base to visit other nearby islands which are easily reached at low tide by foot.

Phra Nang Beach
Located on the eastern coastline of the Railay Peninsula, a stay on Phra Nang Beach is certain to appeal to the active tourists on the Thailand tours. This beach is famous for its crystal-clear waters and limestone cliffs that attracts the never-ending supply of tourists for not only its stunning scenery, but also the ability to trek, climb, kayak and snorkel in the local area. Even though the beach can get a little busy during the day, it soon quietens down in the late afternoon to create a great destination for setting up camp to watch the local sunset. Also, a trip to the beach first thing in the morning is another perfect time to visit.

Freedom Beach
Phuket’s Freedom Beach has the secluded vibes to fully relax with its perfect sands and crystal-clear blue waters. It is located about 6 km from Phuket Beach. But there is a slight downside; the beach isn't the easiest to reach. Tourist can reach the beach via a long tail boat ride that takes approx 10 minutes and can be a little expensive, or take a ride over a dusty road with a steep incline to arrive at the beach. It is certain to be worth the effort for those willing to overcome its difficult location. Plus, this beach is perfect for some outstanding snorkelling with plenty of beautiful flora and fauna in the shallow waters near the beach.

Aow Luek Bay
A visit to the island of Koh Tao gives access to the superb Aow Luek Bay, which is appreciated for its snorkelling opportunities with access to beautiful coral reefs, as well as black tip reef sharks. The waters local to the bay are warm and calm which creates the perfect marine habitat for all types of fish species with plenty to see in the shallow waters. Additionally, with nearly 30 dive shops on the island, this is a great place for scuba diving.

Thung Wua Laen
The gorgeous beach of Thung Wae Laen is perfect for the tourists on the Thailand tour packages looking for some peace and quiet. It is located about 13km from Chumphon and continues to avoid the mass commercialisation that has impacted many of the beaches in the country. For the weary traveller, a stay on Thung Wua Laen is a relaxing and calm choice to take a break from sightseeing.

Thung Wua Laen beach is focused on providing environmentally friendly recreation which means scuba divers, wind boarders and kite surfers, but not jet skis. A visit to this beach is perfect for tourists looking to get a complete break and take a well-deserved rest on a peaceful beach.

Ao Yai Beach
Ao Yai Beach (Koh Phayam) is a stunning beach on Thailand’s Andaman coast which stretches for nearly 2.8 km. The beach is easy to reach by taking a bus to Ranong and then catching a boat transfer (35-40 minute speedboat ride or 2-hour slow boat) for the last leg of the trip, or alternatively, it is possible to reach by flying.

A stay on Ao Yai Beach is perfect for those in search of a relaxing island with no big resorts or parties. Plus, there are plenty of places to sit in the evening to watch the incredible sunsets.

Koh Kradan Beach
Koh Kradan Beach is certain to be at the top of the list of popular Trang beaches. The pristine Andaman Sea, fluffy green hills and magnificent coral-sand beach helps to create the visually spectacular island. Beyond relaxing on the beach, it has low tide sandbars for a wonderful place to go on a beach walk, while the crystal-clear waters are great for snorkelling. Also, this isn't one of the well known beaches and therefore isn't impacted by the large crowds like so many other places.

Aow Leuk
Aow Leuk has picture-perfect scenery with water in varying shades of blue and white sands to create one of the most striking places on Koh Tao. This beach is among the most popular places for the swimming and snorkelling activities. The wide and sandy beach is perfect for relaxing and the bay stretches out into long into the distance. Alternatively, a trip to Haad Sai Daeng presents the more remote location while also giving the possibility of witnessing sharks when out snorkelling.

Ko Yao Noi
Ko Yao Noi is a further beach that gives travellers on the Thailand travel packages a little seclusion and a break from the throng of crowds elsewhere in the country. Located on one of Thailand’s least spoiled islands, the natural beauty includes rolling hills, lush-green jungle and fine white sands to deliver the most amazing backdrops for photographic memories. Great activities in the local area include kayaking, snorkelling and scuba diving. Also, the beach gives visitors access to a Muay Thai training camp and a yoga retreat.