The Thailand Itinerary for One Week

12, February, 2018

The Thailand Itinerary for One Week

Thailand is appreciated for its natural wonders, chic shopping, spicy food, and Buddhist culture. While Thailand has plenty of things to keep tourists entertained, a 7-day stay in the country is more than enough time to see the highlights and essentials.  

Let's take a look at what a 7-day Thailand customised tour is likely to include:

Bangkok is the hub of Thailand and any tourists to this part of Thailand will need to experience it. There are many popular local-led day tours to see the many sights and sounds of this irresistible and lively capital city.

For any tour itinerary that includes a weekend in Bangkok, make sure to visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market, which is one of the finest shopping markets in the country. Other options for the shopaholics include the chic shopping spots of Siam Square.

Benjasiri Park is a great place to relax after sightseeing or shopping and enjoy the local street food scene with plenty of street carts found outside the park serving local dishes like kor moo yang, som tam and sticky rice.

Bangkok has a fascinating nightlife scene and a great place to start the evening is at one of the many sky bars. Centara Grand and Sirocco are a few of the top places to visit and give a wonderful view across the city.
A relaxing way to explore the city is to take a taxi boat along the Chao Phraya River that passes through the centre of Bangkok. Many of the cities major attractions are located close to the river so a tourist circuit of the river gives access to the Wat Saket (also called The Golden Mount), Wat Pho and The Grand Palace.

Chiang Mai 
After the metropolitan Bangkok, a visit to Chiang Mai gives access to the gateway of northern Thailand. Tourists will notice an instant change of pace with its mountainous landscape and cool temperature. Chiang Mai has a relaxing atmosphere with plenty of coffee shops, art galleries and boutique shops to explore. It is worth spending a night of two in Chiang Mai to get a proper idea of city life outside of the capital.  

An easy way to venture out into the city and see the local surroundings is to hire a scooter for the day. One of the places to visit is  the Doi Suthep mountain with its famous temple found at the very top. Use the scooter to climb the windy and cool roads to reach the peak. Alternatively, a more adventurous trip is the Samoeng Loop that starts and ends in Chiang Mai and very popular with motorcyclists and bicyclists.

The street food in this part of northern Thailand is among the best in the country with popular dishes including a noodle curry dish like Khao Soi. To learn more about the local authentic dishes tourists can sign up for a cooking class with a local guide. The majority of the cooking tours are split between gathering the fresh ingredients from a local market and preparing a few of the most famous regional dishes.

For the urban adventure tours in Chiang Mai on the Thailand travel packages, a trip to the local forestry is certain to appeal which gives the opportunity to zip-line between the tree tops. Other great things to do in nature include a cruise aboard a long tail boat as it slowly moves along the Mai Ping River which is a major river in northern Thailand.

In additional to Chiang Mai, there are several other options to explore Thailand’s northern mountainous regions, including Pai, Mai Hong Son and Chaing Rai.

Pai – this quiet town is surrounded by dense forest and mountains and most appreciated for its complete range of outdoor activities and beautiful scenery. Waterfall hikes, rafting and elephant trekking are all possible on a short stay in Pai.

Mae Hong Son – this is a more secluded and peaceful town compared to nearby Pai. It is a very relaxing place that makes it possible to truly appreciate rural Thailand. Visitors to town get to see Wat Doi Kong Mu, several upmarket restaurants, and Chong Kham Lake which is the centrepiece of town.

Chaing Rai – this is the largest of the three additional mountain cities that can be included on the Thailand itinerary. This is a further city appreciate for its striking mountain scenery and perfect for the trekking adventures, which include visiting local hill tribe villages. Other tourist activities consist of bamboo rafting to elephant trekking to make a wonderful destination for the Thailand family tours.

All are easy to access from Chiang Mai. A Thailand tour is easily tailor-made to include the preferred towns and cities that you wish to visit. The time spent in the different mountainous regions can differ with your preferences and activities that most interest you.

Alternative travel itinerary
For the travellers that want to explore more than north and central Thailand, the travel itinerary can include less time in the mountainous northern cities to give a break from temple sightseeing and adventure activities for more time to relax in the sun.

A great place to visit in the south is Phuket which is the largest island in the country and is easily reached from Chiang Mai. Many travellers look to finish a stay in Thailand with a day or two spent at the beach. It is a large, bustling island with plenty of hotels, but there are still a few quiet beaches, such as the pristine palm-fringed Pansea Beach. This beach resort is perfect for families or couples in search of a luxury stay in a well connected, yet still less crowded location.

Beyond, the option to relax on the beach, a walking tour of  Old Phuket Town gives access to a historically rich part of the island which includes museums, quaint cafes, well-preserved shophouses, temples (Chinese and Buddhist) and shrines.

With a little careful planning, a 7 day travel Thailand itinerary gives every traveller the opportunity to have a wonderful time in the country. Just make sure to book flights early, gather useful information on getting around, and be prepared to search for the best deals.