Beautiful Thailand Beaches


With beautiful white sandy beaches stretching for some 2,000 miles and some 8,000 tropical islands, the Thailand holiday gives plenty of opportunity to experience some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, which also include quiet, secluded coves.

The climate in Thailand is ideal for the beach with plenty of tried-and-true destinations, such as Koh Samui and Phuket to the less travelled and more remote islands. No matter the beach, there will be locals selling massages, souvenirs, drinks (ice-cold beverages like Singha beer, coconuts and frozen mixed cocktails) and food.

One drawback of the Thailand beaches is the inability to avoid crowds at the popular destinations, but if willing to travel to the beaches or island that are more off the beaten path, there is a much greater opportunity to stretch out of the sand in peace.

There are plenty of longtail boat vendors that are willing to take the tourists out to one of the isolated islands to get a day of relative peace.

Here are a few of the best beaches in Thailand:

Sairee Beach
Sairee Beach is part of the stunning island known as Ko Tao (also called Turtle Island) and has a one-mile stretch of sandy white beach to enjoy. This beach is located on the west side of the island and is a popular destination for scuba divers and snorkelling. Even though the island is quite low-key, it has still seen plenty of development, including nightclubs and bars. Sairee Beach is relatively easy to reach with access to the island via the local ferry service or by air.

Haad Rin
Haad Rin is a town on the island of Ko Phangan and is well appreciated for its regular full moon parties. While the parties aren’t everyone’s interest, this is a great place to visit for the younger generation and backpackers on the Thailand tours. This beach is located on a peninsula which gives travellers a perfect place to sit and watch the sunrises and sunsets over the sea.

Lamai Beach
Lamai Beach is on a large-scale island which is only second in size in Thailand after Phuket. It is located in Samui and a very laid-back resort area and perfect for the travellers that want to get away from the crowds. This beach has a nice long stretch of sand and smaller in size to the nearby Chaweng, which means it is great for relaxing. Any tourists to this island will find convenient access to plenty of activities, restaurants and bars.

Hua Hin Beach
The Hua Hin Beach was originally built as a peaceful getaway for King Rama VII in the 1920s and over time has become a favourite holiday destination for the local people. Today, this beach area is gaining favour with tourists who want to spend time on this 8 km stretch of beach. Beyond the long beaches, this region is a charming mix of city and sea with tasty streets eats, lively markets, and cosmopolitan ambience. Also, in the local area are some of the best golf courses in the entire country.

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Koh Nang Yuan
For the travellers heading to Koh Tao it is well worth the extra effort to reach the teeny island of Koh Nang Yuan with its crystal-clear waters that is a perfect destination for scuba diving and snorkelling with its shores teeming with coral and fish. The island is really made up of three tiny islands that are connected by a convenient sandbar. The journey time from Koh Tao is about 10 to 15 minutes with the chartered longtail boat the most cost-effective option. There is a fee of about $2.50 to stay on Ko Nang Yuan for anyone that is visiting, and not staying on the island. The island has a single resort for those preferring to stay on the island for a night or two – but is quite expensive.

Phra Nang Beach
Phra Nang Beach is located on the Andaman Coast at the southern tip of Railay. This beach is surrounded by striking limestone cliffs, beautiful white sands, and emerald waters. Phra Nang Beach is rated as one of the finest beaches in the entire country. Beyond relaxing on the beach, this area is a popular destination for climbers that want to scale the huge limestone rocks. Also, for the first-time climber, there are plenty of instructors in the local area to get you going. This beach is easily reached by taking a relaxing ride on a long-tail boat from Ao Nang, but it is a favoured spot for tourists so will get crowded at times.

Maya Bay
Maya Bay is a stunning bay area that is well sheltered by cliffs standing 100 m in height on sit on three sides. On travelling inside the sheltered bay, there are several small beaches to completely relax away from the typical sightseeing sights. This beach is entirely uninhabited and forms part of a national park. The warm and clear water is great for snorkelling and diving. Tourists travelling independently will need to pay a fee to enter ($5.50) because it is a national park. But, for the travellers on a group tour the entry fee is usually incorporated in the tour price. The closest island offering somewhere to stay is the larger Ko Phi Phi Don, which is the only island in the region with permanent inhabitants.

White Sand Beach
The White Sand Beach is located on Ko Chang (southeast of the country near Cambodia) makes a perfect destination for the Thailand family tour with its long stretches of white sand. Even though this pretty beach is well developed and popular on Ko Chang, it is still relatively quiet compared to other beach resorts in places like Phuket. There are plenty of high-quality places to stay that ranges from the quaint bungalows to four-star resorts, and this region also has several nice bars and restaurants.