Railey Beach, Krabi

Quiet and sporty beach

Though it’s technically on the mainland, Railey Beach is only accessible by boat and has a desert island feeling you won’t find on most of the country’s popular beach destinations. Clear blue waters, small islands on the horizon and majestic cliffs surround the small beach, which is generally not crowded except during peak season.

Aside from rock climbing, swimming and snorkeling, there’s not much else to do here but admire the gorgeous scenery, so bring a book and prepare to relax. Though Railey Beach is still much quieter and less developed than most popular Thai beaches, there is more development there every year, and during high season it can feel crowded.

Railey Beach, surrounded by immense limestone cliffs and backed by lush jungle, is one of Thailand's most beautiful beaches. Although it's on the mainland in Krabi Province, because it's only accessible by boat, it has a desert island feel. There are Railey beaches, West Railey and East Railey. East Railey is mud flats and mangroves. It's just a few minutes by foot to West Railey, but make sure you know which beach you're staying on.

Getting Around Railey:

Railey Beach is a small isthmus off of the mainland and is small enough that you can get around on foot. In fact, there are no cars or motorcycles on Railey.

Getting to Railey:

Railey Beach is on the mainland but because it's separated from the rest of the country by mountains, you must get there by boat from Krabi's main beach, Ao Nang.

There are frequent longtail ferries that make the fifteen-minute trip from one beach to another during daylight hours.

Where to Stay:

Railey has very limited accommodations and there are only a few resorts and bungalows on West Railey, including the convenient and homey Railei Beach Club and the luxurious Rayavadee Resort. If you want to stay on this beach, make sure you book well in advance.

What to Expect:

Although it's becoming more and more popular every year, Railey Beach is still laid back and quiet compared to other popular beaches in the area. There are a couple of bars on Railey but generally nightlife is limited and those seeking big parties might feel a little bored.

What to Do:

Sporty folks will love Railey because of all the activities available on the beach or around it. The are is known for rock climbing and there are hundreds of bolted routes available (beginners can sign up for lessons and advanced climbers can rent equipment easily), kayaking and snorkeling. If that's not your thing, it's a quiet beach for relaxing.