Vietnam is listed as one of the safest country to travel and Vietnam is known as a friendly destination, too. But to make sure your Travel in Vietnam smooth and worry-free, there are some Vietnam travel tips as below. Vivutravel hope that these will help you avoid unexpected problems during the holiday.

travel in vietnam

• Check your dail tour itinerary to avoid misunderstandings
• Ask for good advices from your tour guides and travel consultants such as how to wear when visiting the temples or pagodas, who to tip and how much during the tour.
• Be open-minded when being ask some personal questions because Vietnamese (even tour guides) want to know more about you. It is part of Vietnamese culture.
• Learn some Vietnamese words like "Thank you - Cam on", Hello - Xin Chao", "Goodbe - Tam Biet"
• Do respect to the old and ask our guide how to start the meal or drink when you are invited.
• Take photos with the locals as it will make them happy.
• Leave our passport and valuables things at the hotel.
• Learn how to bargain when you want to buy something.

• Don't wear shorts when visiting temples or pagodas. Especially, you will be refused to visit Ho Chi Minh mausolem in Hanoi.
• Don't talk directly or lose your temper when solving a problem.
• Don't give the kids money in mountainous areas such as Sapa. Give them books, pencils instead.
• Don't look for opium. It is strickly prohibited.
• Don't look for prostitute. You will violet the law in Vietnam as prostitution is illegal.

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