Travel to Vietnam for the Ultimate Tourist Spots
The natural beauty, chaos and colour in Vietnam make it possible to experience a new adventure on a daily basis. Whether you are sailing on the majestic Halong Bay, visiting the villages of Sapa or walking the streets of Hanoi, you are certain to find something that matches your specific interests when you travel to Vietnam. Vietnam's history, sights, people and food are certain to please even the most seasoned traveller.

When to go to Vietnam
When you are planning the holidays to Vietnam you really want to consider the tropical monsoon climate, which is most noticeable in the South of the country from May to September, while in the northeast it is experienced October to April. If you are planning to tour the entire country, then there is no specific best time to travel. In the Northern part of the country the weather is impacted by seasonal variations and can get quite cold during the winter months, but in the South the temperature is quite pleasant year-round.

How to get to Vietnam
There are numerous direct flights to experience the tours in Vietnam with arrival at international airports: Da Nang, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The number of flights arriving in Vietnam has steadily increased over the past years. But, rather than taking the direct flight to Vietnam, there are cheaper alternative and that is to take an indirect route via Hong Kong, Singapore or Bangkok. Plus, you also get to stay in one of these cities while waiting for the ongoing flight. Also, it is worth considering using one of the low-cost carriers to travel on the final Vietnam leg with flights available from Air Asia, Tiger Airways and Jet Star.

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Where to go in Vietnam
For a truly head spinning introduction to this magnificent country, Ho Chi Minh City is certain to be a perfect destination. The southern capital is set alongside the Saigon River and is becoming one of the most attractive cities in Southeast Asia to visit. This city has a breakneck pace with plenty of sites and sounds to admire as you move through the old and modern parts. For a really authentic way of getting round Ho Chi Minh City you really want to try riding the cyclos with a driver to experience a great way to watch on as the locals go about their everyday lives.

An easy to reach destination not too far from Ho Chi Minh City is the mighty rivers of the Mekong Delta. It is rich in waterways and tributaries that have helped to create the perfect environment for a wide variety of orchards and rice paddies. A great place to visit on the water is the floating markets such as Can Tho and Cai Be.

Ho Chi Minh City also gives a perfect opportunity to crawl through the Cu Chi tunnels that were used by the Viet con throughout the war.

At a completely different pace to the vibrancy of Ho Chi Minh City is the gateway to the central highlands, Da Lat. In this region of the country the daily life passes at a much more dignified pace. This city has an altitude of nearly 1500 meters and benefits from a cool and fresh breeze. There are plenty of inhabitants in this countryside region, but for those that wish to experience the locals, it is necessary to travel to one of the following towns: Kon Tum, Pleiku or Buon Ma Thuot. One of the most popular destinations is Kon Tum, which not only makes it possible to visit the minority villages, but also makes it possible to join in on the river rafting and local treks.

Other destinations to visit on the Vietnam tour packages and to escape the crowds include Ninh Binh in northern Vietnam, which is perfect for the adventurous person that wants to get off the beaten track. At first sight this town might not look the most attractive, but it really only serves as a usable place to explore the local area. The best way to get round is by hiring a bicycle to fully appreciate the magnificent landscape, limestone karsts, lakes and rice paddies. Pushing further into Tam Coc and Trang An makes it possible to admire more of the intriguing villages and magical and mysterious mountainside temples.

If you want a lifetime adventure in Vietnam, the mountainous areas in northern Vietnam will be the must-see places. Amazing rice terraces, scenic roads, nice waterfalls, unique culture, interesting markets in Mu Cang Chai, Sapa, Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang, Ban Gioc Waterfall are waiting for your discovery.

The decidedly proud and rapidly growing city of Hanoi is the country's capital and is rich in stately government buildings, national monuments, elegant boulevards of French-era villas, tamarisk-edged lakes and a place of dynastic temples and pagodas. Hanoi is also experiencing change in the modern era with a rise in the construction of restaurants, hotels and office blocks

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Street food
Astonishing in their variety, the Vietnamese dishes are light and subtle in flavour with a great emphasis on seasoning and herbs. Most of the dishes are steamed or boiled rather then stir fried with rice and noodles a common feature. While touring the main cities there are plenty of street sellers that can offer some of the most popular dishes such as banh xeo, which is a traditional type of pancake and an excellent choice. Don't be afraid to buy from the street stalls. Just make sure to look out for the ones that attract the attention of the locals for the best possible service.

Additionally, there are plenty of Western-style restaurants throughout the cities that vary in size and shape and can be enjoyed on the Vietnam tour packages. They serve up high quality international cuisine and Vietnamese specialties, as one as the more unpretentious Vietnamese meals.

What to avoid
While it is possible to buy the Vietnam Visa on arrival and before starting the tours to Vietnam, the actual process at the airport can take quite a while, so it really benefits to have the Visa in place before you actually arrive in the country.

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