If you are looking for an adventure that makes you explore cultures and landscapes with great experiences, then you have to look after the trip to Vietnam. From the enchanting bay to the streets of the major Cities which are there to explore. Vietnam is a Southeast Asian gem that has left a mark on my heart. So take your passport and move to visualise the incredible beauties of Vietnam. If you want, just plan your Vietnam trips and choose the landscapes you want to visit. Some basic practices you should follow to make your journey go more smoothly are as follows. Let’s start the discussion in more detail.

Maintain and do proper planning:
My own Vietnam tour began with a lot of research because there are lots of places available, which creates some confusion among travellers. So decide your destinations with proper planning that will be suitable for your wallet, your health, and your precious time. If you are a blogger you have to plan your activities including your shooting times and choose destinations that are near you. Because moving with your crew members or with your fellow mates will be a challenge to your wallet. So you have to plan as per your availability.

Solve the visa issues as quickly as possible:
This is a common line before moving to any destination that is the visa requirement and what type of visa you want. Before taking your first step in Vietnam you have to check and also make sure to check the visa requirements as per your nationality. If any problem occurs you can also check for a visa at arrival or any e-visa options available. The third part is if you are not able to do the previous two parts you can contact an agency in Vietnam like Vivu Travel that can solve your problem smoothly.

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Booking flights to move with accommodation:
Once the visa is confirmed you can now move to Vietnam with your luggage. Once you step foot in Vietnam you have to look for secure accommodation. There are a lot of luxurious resorts available in Vietnam that you can book as per your preferences. Here you can also find budget friendly resorts also which are more suitable if you are planning for more. If you are in Vietnam with a travel package then all things are decided previously by the agency and you which makes your life easier.

Currency exchange considerations:
You must choose the local currency to do your daily chores in Vietnam which is Vietnamese dong. However you can exchange your money near airports or select some old banks for money exchange or have a discussion with your travel agency. Never go with a private money exchange unit that you don't know.

Health Check and Guidelines:
Before going on any trekking or visiting any cities or other countries, you must check your health and take medications accordingly. Don’t forget to take a small kit of essential medical units with you for likely painkillers and gastric issues. Check out the health guidelines of the country you want to visit and complete the necessary actions.

Packing your things for adventure:
Always pack light which is easy to carry. Place your clothes for the tropical climate that is going on in that country. Pack your other daily requirements, likely sunscreen creams, shoes, hats, eyeglasses, and other necessities for this trip to Vietnam.

After reaching your destination, the most enjoyable phase starts which is exploring the ruthless beauty of the South Asian gem. If you are not going with travel packages you have a lot of confusion about where to start, where to move, etc. So let’s discuss the travel phase in more detail.

solo tour to vietnam

Travel phase for Vietnam:

Halong Bay is the perfect place to start:
I suggest you start with the bay mentioned above. Earlier, when I was there, I was astonished by the beauty of this god gifting wonder. Book a boat to move along the limestone karsts to feel the real experience of green water and the magic of nature.

Visit Hue and recreate the history:
Then I moved to Hue, a place full of history. By visualising the ancient architecture and its surroundings, you feel that you are present in the ancient time. The city is present in the central part of Vietnam, and it was a major place for the Nguyen Dynasty and also the national capital between 1802 and 1945. The major tourist attraction is the imperial city, which is undoubtedly a place worth visiting.

Hoi An city has a timeless charm that includes the flavours :
Hoi An is another city that is situated in the central coast region of Vietnam. Explore the old town by renting a vehicle, and also taste the foods of Vietnam. You can also spend a night on the beautiful beaches of Hoi An.

Ho Chi Minh City: Urban Buzz
Ho Chi Minh City is a famous destination that is popularly known as Saigon. It is one of the most populous and developed cities in Vietnam. The Vietnam War Remnants Museum, food stalls, Cu Chi Tunnel and opera houses showcase the dynamic character of this place and that’s the reason why it also attracts tourists.

Sapa, a mountain magic to remember
Sa Pa is a town in the Lào Cai region which is situated in the northwest region of Vietnam. It is a remote town to visit with communities of ethnic minorities. This place is best known for its rice terraces and breathtaking mountain views, which give a sense of peace to its visitors.

In short, you can never explain the ruthless beauty of the Vietnam adventure in words because you can only feel it. As I sit back and remember the beauty of this incredible journey to Vietnam it makes me feel better and pinches me to move again to visit the remaining From the beautiful natural wonders to the warm welcome of its people, a trip to Vietnam is an unforgettable one. So, my fellow travellers, if you are planning to book a trip, never hesitate to travel to Vietnam. I have my own experiences because the place is new to me hence I chose a travel agency, Vivu Travel. They are operating through Vietnam and Cambodia and other nearest places. If you need any packages for Vietnam I suggest choosing from them. Mind my last word that the world is carrying a lot of things with it. You want to just explore.

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