Vietnam is considered as the safest and most beautiful country in the world to travel. Vietnam holiday destinations such as Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa, Hoi An ancient town, Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Phu Quoc island... have been voted as the best places to visit while Angkor temples in Angkor thom and Angkor wat are beyond your imagination.

Vietnam Cambodia travel is perfectly combined the most beautiful destinations and highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia to build a great tour package for our clients. Vietnam Cambodia travel can be started in Vietnam or Cambodia. The tour itinerary and price can be customized to meet our clients' interests. 

Vietnam – Cambodia travel: have you ever heard about?

Since both of these countries lie right next to each other then why don’t you split your vacation into two different adventures in two different cultures? Why not? Here below is some tips you may want to note down once you decide to soak yourself in the atmospheric Asian country.

Vietnam is wide known for its famous war, when people talk about Vietnam, they talk about a small country that conquered such outrageous victory over powerful countries. That common notion has long gone into the history and Vietnam now a day has already changed its outfit, which continuously turns into a beautiful country, a place you should visit once in your life time.

The civilization, culture and tradition are not only unique but also something you should watch out once travelling in the place

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1. Crossing the street:
Interesting caution, indeed. To go over this hard “challenge”, all you need is to watch the vehicle flow in order to guess whether the motorbikes flock is going to stop. Once you decide to step your food in the road then don’t stop, like a real Nike model: just go with it. Don’t stop for a phone call, a look into the map, just go, the vehicle flow will avoid you.

2. Currency:
Exchange rate: $1 = 21.734VND. Vietnamese currency is really, really hard to distinguish among each value. Some may bear the color which is pretty the same but the value is absolutely different, you should notice this figure once travel in this country.

3. Prepare seasonal clothes:
In summer, the weather in Vietnam is extremely hot and moist therefore no jeans should you bring along during your summer vacation. In winter, the South of Vietnam is pretty cold, a thick coat is recommended if you are Asians but for European a light coat is fine. Remember to watch the weather forecast before going out and remember to bring along an umbrella.

4. Be careful of non-brand taxi:
In the airport there are a lot of untrusted taxi, which will charge you more than a taxi with brand name on it. You don’t have to pay the road tax, if they require you to pay, refuse immediately.

5. At least 6 months valuable passport:
There are plenty ways to have a passport approved, one of them is to come directly to Vietnamese Embassy in Melbourne and fill the required form, basically the procedure takes 1 month to get it done.

6. Buy a Vietnamese simcard when you arrived:
You can buy one right at the airport, when you use up all the money, you can by the charging card in every corner in Vietnam and there are plenty values like: 20.000d, 50.000d… to 500,000d. Remember to turn off roaming mode before using the wifi.

Cambodia is not that noisy as Thailand, but obviously its atmosphere is still attractive enough for those whom find theirs elf lured into the vibrant life style of South East Asia country. Cambodia is amazing and you will soon figure it out once you get to the country, but there are a few note that you should note down in your travelling guide.

7. Weather:
Pretty the same as Vietnam but hotter and much moister. The temperature rate is between 29 and 32 Celsius degree according to each season. Cambodian climate is divided into 2 season: The sun and the rain.

8. Currency:
Cambodian use Riel unit for currency. You can exchange money in the market or right at the border crossing. The exchange rate is: 1USD = 4.000 Riel; 5.000 VND =1.000 Riel. In Cambodian dollar is very useful therefore prepare some small change in dollars is a good idea. Vietnamese currency can be used in Phnom Penh.

9. Custom:
You are allowed to bring along $7000 in cash, <4 carat of diamonds, 300gr of gold, equipment under $300 of value, more than this amount you have to make a statement to the government.  Remember to bring passport, custom permission requesting form, enter the country permission paper … and 2 portrait in size of 4x6.

10. Costume:
It’s hot, then you know what to do, right? Just please don’t walk around the street in bikini.

11. Cellphone:
Don’t use the hotel phone since the cost is crazy! You should equip your phone with a simcard.12. Transportation:
There are not many taxis as it is in Vietnam, you should ask your hotel staff to order a half-day taxi for the deduction of cost. There are double-motorbikes with very cheap price, just don’t go out with in the evening. You should come back to your hotel after 12am, contact your tour guide if you have already passed this time. In Siem Riep the security is fine.

Here above are some tips for your Vietnam – Cambodia travel, I hope this would help. Have a nice time travelling in exotic Asian country.

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