Vietnam family travel: Visiting Vietnam with the Kids
If you are planning Vietnam family travel, then it certainly makes sense to do your research and make sure you travel with a family-friendly company. Many of the cities are quite frenetic with plenty of outside markets full of different smells and sounds, while a journey that takes you from one end of the country to the other is certain to test the patience of the small children. But, this country has a variety of attractions for the Vietnam family with kids. For instance, there are the cyclo rides, boat rides, friendly local communities, islands, laid-back beach resorts and enchanting water puppet theatres. The energetic teenager has a plenty of sporting activities to keep them entertained, such as snorkeling, hiking, kayaking and cycling. Plus, exploring this country with the family gives a perfect opportunity to wonder at the perfect balance of tranquility and chaos, nature and culture, and any family tour to Vietnam can easily be tailored to match the personalized itinerary.

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What climate to expect
The climate in Vietnam will vary with the different regions of the country. The northern part of the Vietnam that includes the capital city, Hanoi has four seasons, while in the south it is split between dry and the rainy season. The temperature range varies with the part of the country. For instance, in the northern regions it can get very cold in the winter, but the south is usually hot, humid and warm year-round. While there is no particular dress code, the everyday clothes should consist of light casuals. However, it is important to be respectful and appropriately dressed when visiting any religious buildings, such as the temples.

Any supplies to bring
There isn’t much need to bring along a lot of medicines. Any of the large cities have plenty of pharmacies where it is possible to pick up medicine for a stomach upset or similar. But, for the prescription medicine, it would be best to pack this while also having a note of its generic name. Before starting the Vietnam family tour, make sure the appropriate travel insurance is in place. Baby supplies like food and nappies are easily sourced in local markets and supermarkets. Bug spray and sunscreen are also widely available in the local pharmacies and supermarkets.

What to do with the family
There are plenty of family-friendly destinations to explore when experiencing Vietnam family travel, including:

Hanoi is one of the most beautiful cities in Southeast Asia with plenty to see and do for the old and young, and a reasonably safe city.

Ha Long bay is a three hour journey from the capital city of Hanoi. But, the effort to reach this destination is certain to appeal to the younger travels with great things to do such as exploring the local cave system. Anyone that enjoys nature will really like the beauty and views. Boat trips are a popular tourist activity. Whether you want to enjoy the beauty and quietness of the bay or rent out a junk for a relaxing cruise, there is enough to enjoy if you have a couple days to spare in the north of the country.

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Ho Chi Minh City (formally Saigon) is another city that is reasonably safe. The low-cost accommodation is common in the District 1 (Bui Vien/Pham Ngu Lao) area which is popular with backpackers. The best tourist destinations include the Cao Dai temple and Cu Chi tunnels. The historical tour is a great choice for the children. Additionally, there is the war museum in Ho Chi Minh City, but this may not be practical for the smaller children because of the explicit nature of the photography. Other great attractions for the Vietnam family tour include the local theme parks like Lac Canh Dai Nam, Suoi Tien and Dam Sen Water Park.

Hoi An is a lovely destination for those that love to shop and it is very safe. There are plenty of stores in this city that make the tailor-made summer dresses, suits, or even shoes. Everything is made to a high standard and is relatively cheap. There is a great choice of beaches nearby as well as coffee shops and other places to sit and relax.

Hue is great for those interested in the historic and cultural aspects of the country. It is really easy to explore the local area by hiring out a motorbike or bicycle to really admire the surrounding scenery. The journey to Hue is an overnight train ride from Hanoi, which is relatively inexpensive, but taking the flight is highly recommended.

Mui Ne is a beautiful resort town and appreciated for its beaches. This is a great destination for the entire family with plenty of things to do and see. Kite surfing is really popular with the almost constant wind along this stretch of the shoreline. This area has a variety of shops, restaurants and boutique hotels. Even though it is quite low key, it is still a lovely place to visit on any Vietnam family travel experience. To avoid getting sand blasted from the constant breeze, it is usually best to take the children to the beach in the mornings.

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Travel safety in Vietnam with the family
Vietnam is generally a safe and welcoming country, but it is still sensible to avoid flash valuables or cash when walking around the popular destinations like Nha Trang, the tourist shopping areas, or major backpacker districts. Also, it can benefit to avoid the empty beaches at night as well as being more cautious when walking around the cities after dark.

It is generally best to carry around a copy of the passport and visa when traveling around and not the original documents.

Certain areas of central Vietnam and areas near the Laos border still have unexploded ordnance, so if you are traveling in any of these regions without a local guide, it is essential to stay on the marked trails and paths.

Even though most the top beaches have lifeguards in attendance, the waters in certain areas like Hoi An have strong currents, so be careful where you decide to go swimming.

Moto taxis aren’t the best idea. The driving standards on the roads are quite poor and vehicle maintenance is of a similar standard.

Note: Before your family tour in Vietnam, make sure that you have Vietnam visa, print out all travel documents and have hotline of your travel consultant and tour guides to contact in urgent case so your family can be quickly supported.

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