Famous for its charming wild nature and diverse culture, Vietnam offers a mile long of activities and explorations. For families and kids with a relish for adventure, Vietnam is exciting and a satisfying destination, offering uniqueness that will be remembered long after you leave the country. Vietnam is a country known for its mouth watering foods, affectionate inhabitants, spectacular landscapes and a kaleidoscope of people. Vietnam family vacation offers outrageously stunning nature of Vietnam; from North to South, East to West, metropolis to mountainous areas.

Whatever vacation you are looking for as a family, Vietnam magically and in a spectacular will find an answer. Whether you want to ocean cruise, take a walk along the city streets, trek and join in on festivals of the Vietnamese tribes of the central islands, kayaking to discover hidden aquatic landscapes and much more. With a variety of means of transport; from modern to traditional, it is very easy to navigate and get around this magical country.

vietnam family vacation

Old cities of explorations
Vietnam cities are bustling, little chaotic and vibrant cities with lush gardens and magnificent French colonial architecture. Explore the hidden treasures of these lively and exciting hubs of Vietnam as you weave your way through the chaotically organized streets and flourishing markets screaming with life. Vietnam cities have plenty to offer to any adventure seeker, culture lover and shopaholic.

Bear witness to the massacre and devastation that was during the war, as you discover temple ruins and other buildings and as the open and welcoming Vietnamese people narrate their history that is both compelling and inspiring.

Welcome to foodie’s paradise. Literally everywhere in Vietnam cities sells food; from markets, hotels, simple noodle shops to streets. Incredibly subtle in its flavors and outstanding in the variety it offers, Vietnamese foods offer something different on your plate. Get to experience the French influence on Vietnamese cuisines in the baguettes sold by street vendors. There are also familiar looking treats that will also appeal to the taste buds of your kids.

You can’t help but throw yourself, head fast into shopping in Vietnam’s cities. Why not spend some time shopping during your family tour to Vietnam? Vietnam cities are worldly known for their quality and unique goods at affordable and bargainable prices. Everyone can get something unique for themselves, from fresh agricultural produces, handicrafts, jewelry, unique embroideries to clothing.

vietnam family vacation

Aquatic adventures
If the cities become a little too frenzied why not take some time out and sail among the floating villages, grottos and vanishing limestone pillars to the breathtakingly beautiful island?  

Hire your own private boats available with four or more cabins, cruise day and night with your family as you explore the fishing villages, aquatic landscapes and beaches. Take this opportunity and enjoy memorable activities as a family. Jump into the crystal clear water  go for a swim, kayak as you meander between the magical vanishing karsts, walk on the  Ha long Bay islands  as you take memorable photos with your family.

Exploring the caves will be a thrill to everyone. Kids who love nature will enjoy the view and appreciate the caves simple and unique beauty.

Later in the evening, go take part in scuba diving, take part in kayak and fishing competition with your family and relax on the serene white sandy beaches as you reminiscence the splendor of Vietnam. There is a wealth of water-based activities for the kids to enjoy.

Cruise the waterways of Mekong River with your family, you can explore the villages and islands in the Mekong delta, try its fresh and unique sea foods, Mekong specialty, during lunch, ride in a sampan along canals shaded by coconut trees and sample exotic fruits and tour a coconut farm.

vietnam family vacation

Rural adventures
Nothing breathes tranquility and unique culture like Vietnam’s rural Villages. What better way to experience its wonderful landscapes depicting fifty shades of green, the timeless quality of rural life with stilt houses and paddy fields than Trekking? From jungle trekking, mountain hiking, countryside hitch-hiking to walking and ramble adventures. Several places are considered best trekking spots in Vietnam. On a family tour to Vietnam rural villages you can visit the minority groups and get absorbed in their rich and unique culture as you join in on their festivals and also dining in on their meals. Enjoy a home stay at one of the hill tribe villages and also get to have breakfast the Sapa style. Get the kids to have a better understanding and respect for other cultures on your Vietnam family vacation.

You can also cycle around the villages as you watch the Vietnamese people tending their farms. Explore these villages at your own pace. Go bamboo rafting and kayaking on the countryside lakes. Take part in traditional net fishing in floating baskets and take an entire family ride on water buffalos to keep your family active during your entire family tour to Vietnam.

Kids should not miss out on the plenty things to do in Vietnam when on a Vietnam family vacation. Apart from having the wonderful experience of interacting with the Vietnamese kids they can take part in boat rides, cycling, elephant riding, karting and watching performances of traditional Vietnamese water puppets.

Accommodation in Vietnam
Vietnam is another home away from home. The best a family can get is in Vietnam, with a variety of luxury resorts and hotels that radiate the allure of Vietnam. Perfect family friendly hotels that look straight onto the incredible pools, beaches and ocean and scenic landscapes are available in Vietnam.  

Most of these hotels are beautifully nestled between Vietnam’s spectacular landscapes and architecture. Friendly, helpful, respectful are the words that come in mind when you think of their staff. After a long day of awing at Vietnam’s beauty on your family tour to Vietnam, you can go relax in one of Vietnam’s several resorts and hotels. Experience tranquil luxury paired with unique cultural touches as you enjoy family time. Beauty and spa treatment make Vietnam’s hotels ultimate destinations to unwind together as a family.

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