7 major reasons why people like Vietnam holiday packages.

Are you considering the best Vietnam holiday package? Then, my dear friends, first you research the reasons why, what for, and when, and here I make your work a little easier by sharing my experiences. There are a lot of reasons why people around the world decide to visit Vietnam for holidays. Hence, Vietnam holiday packages are becoming increasingly popular among tourists for a good reason. From its landscapes to its culture, there are a lot of reasons why people like to go on vacation in this country. By realising the best Vietnamese cuisine and exploring the country's natural atmosphere, there is everything for everyone to enjoy during this time. I feel like sharing my experiences with you, and believe me, friends, that you will feel the same emotions that I realised once you are here.

vietnam holiday packages

1) First impressions of Vietnam
From the moment I arrived in Vietnam, I felt that the air was filled with a sense of thrill, which can be experienced. The warm welcome from the local Vietnamese, who were always eager to share their culture with the visitors. The landscapes and diverse scenery that I viewed in pictures and read their histories in front of me make me feel as if I am dreaming of a beautiful destination. Before I was there, I researched some points and decided to take a Vietnam holiday package for ease, and from that day on, it was confirmed that the experience would last a lifetime.

2) Exploring Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam
My guide took me straight to the hotel. There, I freshen myself up, and then I eat some food and take a rest. But I couldn't wait to wet myself in the beautiful atmosphere of this city. Once I was out of my sleep, I decided to visit the city and know why this is one of the best tourist destinations around the world. I realise that Hanoi is definitely a place for nature lovers. I spent hours alone exploring the narrow streets, getting merged into the maze of markets, and tasting the mouthwatering street foods. The history and charming architecture of Hanoi were truly the main highlights of the Vietnam holiday package that they promised me before. The colonial architecture that was made by the French people added more beauty to the city, with its grand buildings telling their own story. One of my most beautiful experiences in Hanoi was visiting Hoan Kiem Lake. The mesmerising effect of the atmosphere provided beautiful surroundings and much-needed mental peace from the busy streets. I walked alone by the lakeside, watching locals perform their tai chi and playing traditional Vietnamese music, adding a different fragrance to the beauty of the city.

3) The natural beauty of Ha Long Bay
As I began to sail on the green waters of Ha Long Bay, I was unable to believe my eyes. The limestone karsts stood out of the sea like giants, which are in the fairy tale. The pure elegance of nature is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which I know from my guide. No doubt, it was a moment of pure bliss, one that I will cherish forever in my remaining life.

4) Cultural Wonders of Hoi An
Hoi An is a cultural treasure gathering, with an excellently preserved ancient town showcasing an array of Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese styles of architecture. You will see amazing ancient residences, colourful lamps, and busy markets when you travel through the narrow lanes. The history of this town is solely reflected in the temples, pagodas, and other buildings.

For a real cultural getaway, try your hand at making lanterns. This was a real thrill with my Vietnam holiday package.

vietnam holiday package

5) The Mekong river Delta  Adventures
The Mekong River Delta is definitely the fantasy for people looking for adventures,by doing the activities available, believe it friends these are interesting. Never miss the opportunity to visit the Cai Rang Floating Market, where you can observe the moving trading of products from ancient times, which I literally feel in India's Kashmir. You can visualise the floating markets on the boats, which are moving through green rivers. Also, there were options for cycling through this beautiful town while enjoying the rare fruits that are only available in Vietnam, and visitingthe handcraft workshops. and All these things are available with the Vietnam holiday package that I purchased before the start of my journey. If you are a history lover, then this place is definitely for you to travel and fulfil your desire for knowledge.

6) Why should you go with a tour operator?
During any trip, you always feel that a person who knows the territory well is handy to make your tour beautiful. But these days, the availability of tour operators makes it easier for visitors. They are taking some money from you and delivering their services. If you are using a travel agent to organise your Vietnam vacation, they will surely provide you with multiple advantages and make your trip easier. Those experts know the region very well and can develop unique schedules and execute them according to your preferences. They manage all the required details which include hotel reservations, transportation, foods, activities, and trips, which surely reduces your time and effort. Don't overlook the comfort and abilities they bring to the process to generate an effortless and memorable experience. From my personal opinion, you will surely choose a tour operator with your Vietnam holiday package.

7) Payment options are available in Vietnam
After choosing your Vietnam holiday package, sort out the issues regarding the documents. Then it is important to consider the payment methods and the currency required for payment to ensure a smooth experience. Most tour operators in Vietnam and hotels in Vietnam accept credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard, which is definitely a plus for travellers. However, it is also advisable from my site to carry some cash for small expenses and also prepare for the situations where card payments are unlikely in remote areas. If you want to exchange your money, you have to select banks that are well known or choose well known exchange offices to ensure you get the best rates. Don't  exchange money at airports or hotels, as they charge higher fees at less favourable rates. ATMs are widely available in major cities and tourist areas, allowing you to withdraw cash in the local currency, which is Vietnamese dong. If you have further issues and can't exchange your money, you can get help from the travel agencies where you book your packages. They will guide you to the correct location.

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