Vietnam Private Tours: Fully Tailored Vietnam Holidays

If you are looking for something more than a typical holiday, a great time is certain to be experienced on the Vietnam private tours. With vibrant cities rich in culture and history, slow-moving rivers that run alongside rice paddies and beautiful white sand beaches, the Vietnam Private tour guide has the ability to really showcase the beauty of this exotic land.

The fully tailored Vietnam tour packages are completely customized to the tourist’s needs and requirements, and give a real insight into the different cultures throughout this country. The tailored tours are easy to organize simply by providing the preferred requirements to your travel company who will be able to design the bespoke itinerary. Additionally, it is also possible to indicate the preferred type of accommodation and activities to ensure that these are also included.

The best private tours in Vietnam can include exploring the timeless villages of the Mekong Delta, Hanoi's atmospheric Old Quarter, cruise around the World Heritage-listed Halong Bay, and Hue is a perfect destination for those interested in the culinary, cultural and historical stimulation. The knowledgeable guides on the private tours make it that much more interesting when exploring the ancient palaces and temples. They give guidance on the best local restaurants and diners, as well as the shops to visit for gifts and souvenirs.

The tours of Vietnam are entirely private and the guide is there to spend time with you and your party while travelling the most beautiful and authentic sites. Even though you will be travelling with a knowledgeable guide, the daily activities can still be quite flexible and it is possible to travel at your own pace.

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Organizing a Visa to Vietnam

It is a requirement for tourists that plan to enter Vietnam to hold the relevant visa document. The actual requirements for the visa can vary with certain countries exempt and have the ability to enter the country for a period of up to 15 to 30 days with no visa required. It is generally best to check the latest requirements before arriving in the country.

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A valid passport is essential for travel and must have at least six months remaining after arriving in the country. Plus, it is also necessary to have a blank page for each of the countries you plan to visit, which is important if you are planning on one of the multi-country tours.


It is strongly advised that the tourist to Vietnam organizes travel insurance prior to arriving in the country which should include the essentials, such as emergency medical evacuation.

Private Vietnam tours

For the more adventurous time with plenty of places to explore that goes well beyond the typical travel itinerary put together by a Vietnam travel agency, you really want to look at the customized and private Vietnam tours which travel many of the less visited destinations while also being accompanied by an exciting Vietnamese local as a guide.

Highlights of Vietnam

A highlight Vietnam tour package makes it possible to experience some of the best destinations throughout this amazing Southeast Asian country. By signing up for these tours, you get to see the most popular and amazing highlights. You get to discover the beauty of Hanoi which is the capital city of Vietnam and includes the ancient architecture of the Old Quarter. There is the possibility of a cruise on Halong Bay with its breathtaking views that is mixed with gigantic limestone mountains, while a trip to the ancient port town of Hoian makes it possible to experience some of the foreign influences. Additionally, a tour of the central city of Hue gives a perfect opportunity to admire the Mausoleums of imperial Kings.

Sapa Trekking Tour

Sapa has long been the most beautiful mountain town of Vietnam. A tour in Sapa give you chance to meet several ethnic minorites, enjoy cool weather, take photos of the world's most amazing rice terraces when trekking through the valley of Muong Hoa. Trekking tour, Homestay experience, local market visit are highly recommended if you have a plan to go to Sapa. A private transfer from Hanoi to sapa takes you around 6 hours only.

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Northeast and Northwest Loop Tour

If you love adventure and discovery to the untouched parts of Vietnam where you wil see lush paddy and corn fields, tea plantation, picturesque villages dotted in beautiful moutains, colorful open markets along the road, the Northeast and Northwest Loop Tour is a must. Valley of rice terraces in Mu Cang Chai, Sapa, Hoang Su Phi, Rock plateau in Ha Giang, breathtaking waterfal in Ban Gioc, mysterious waterfall in Ba Be are some of the highlights in this adventure and discovery tour.

Pu Luong Nature Reserve Trekking Tour

For the nature lovers, there is the option of an authentic adventure tour that takes in the beauty of the Pu Luong Natural Reserve. This type of trekking tour makes it possible to experience the fascinating charm of the local area while also getting to visit the small tribal villages, vast rice fields, majestic limestone mountains and lush green primeval forests. This is a great tour for the more active tourists that want to get to experience the unique culture and traditions of the locals.

Southern and Central Vietnam Tour

A complete tour of the south and central Vietnam regions make it possible to experience the astonishing cities, tranquil floating markets on the Mekong and the pristine beaches. A well-planned tour can include exploring the charming port town of Hoian that has a mixture of Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese styles. A cruise on the Can Tho makes it possible to experience the river life and visit the floating markets. Ho Chi Minh City is certain to be a popular historic destination to explore. Other attractions include the historic Con Dao prison and the beautiful beaches for some time to relax.

Vietnam to Cambodia Tour

This is perfect combination of your Vietnam private tour with an extension to visit Angkor temples - the world's largest religious complex. To go on this tour, it is possible to arrange from 12-15 days to see the highlights, but if you want to spend some days relaxing at one of the best beaches before flying home. You should manage another 3 days.

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Vietnam to Laos Tour

The multi-country tours take in several of the Southeast Asian countries and are a very popular travel option. Many of these tours make it possible to experience the natural wonders in the local areas such as the UNESCO World Heritage sites like Halong Bay. Many of the tours start with the tradition and modernism of the capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi. A cruise of Ha Long Bay is certain to be a truly unforgettable experience. Other great attractions include visiting Luang Prabang in Laos and taking part in the Tak Bat ceremony, while the Tiger Falls in Da Lat is a true natural wonder.

In summary

With a customized, personalized Vietnam tour the all-round experience and possibilities are virtually endless. Whether you are looking to experience the type of activities that make up daily life, visit the must see locations, or check out the historic sites, the private tours are certain to help fulfil your travel ambitions and get a real appreciation of the hidden gems that this country has to offer. By signing up for the Vietnam private tours it is possible to have an experience that goes well beyond the typical tourist experience. The private Vietnam tour guide is knowledgeable and proud and has the ability to showcase the very best that relates to the unique lifestyle of the Vietnamese people and culture.

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