Vietnam Tour: From Colorful Cities to Coastline with Local Guide

Vietnam’s natural beauty, chaos and color make it possible to experience a fresh adventure every day. Whether you plan to sail on the majestic Halong Bay, visit the otherworldly villages of Sapa, or walk Hanoi's crazy streets, a Vietnam tour is a perfect solution to experience everything this magnificent country has to offer.

Any family or couple that visits Vietnam has to be prepared for the hustle and bustle on the streets with a huge amount of bike and scooter activity. But, still this is a wonderful place to explore and the locals are very welcoming and friendly. A pleasant bonus is the affordability of the eateries and shops.

Vietnam tour packages that explore the mid or northern regions of the country make it possible to see striking scenery that includes bundles of history with attractive towns and bustling cities. A tour package that takes you down south lets you know more about the realities of the Vietnam War, where it is possible to wonder at the exhibits in the museums of Saigon.

Vietnam’s history, sights, people and food are what can inspire even the most seasoned traveler to return to this country time and time.

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Styles of travel in Vietnam
If a Vietnam tour is on your bucket list, then start your journey with a carefully crafted trip itinerary that lets you experience the very best this country has to offer. Whether the tour is 3 or 18 days, you want an active or leisurely experience, or you want to explore the north or south of the country (or even both), a well-planned tour itinerary makes it possible to do and see exactly what you want from an amazing Vietnam tour adventure.

Let’s look at the most popular types of Vietnam tours:

Private tours
A private Vietnam tour makes it possible to plan a Vietnam holiday that is tailor-made to match the specific needs of the couples, families or friends. There are plenty of ready prepared trips that include the lively cities like Ho Chi Minh to areas of the country that are completely off the beaten track. Many of these tours make it possible to travel at your own pace to fully appreciate the amazing sites and sounds. Additionally, the knowledgeable English-speaking guides give great guidance while exploring the key sites in Vietnam.

For example, a private tour can include traveling from the capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi in the north to the high-octane and lively Ho Chi Minh City in the south. This gives a perfect opportunity to admire the peaceful lakes, tree-lined boulevards and bustling markets in the modern Hanoi, while a visit to the magical Halong Bay makes it possible to sail among the limestone pillars, grottos and floating villages. Hue in central Vietnam is great for exploring the old imperial capital, and on arrival in Ho Chi Minh City, there is a dynamic blend of culture, commerce, and old and new. And not far from the city is the waterway of the Mekong Delta, where it is possible to experience a relaxing ride on one of the sampan boats while sampling exotic fish and fruits.

Customized tours
Whether you are looking for a cultural fix in Hue, a trek off the beaten track in Sapa, a relaxing time in Hoi An, or a sail through the striking peaks of Halong Bay, a fully customized Vietnam tour that is exclusively tailor made is certain to appeal to those travelers to Vietnam that want the most unique and perfect holiday possible.

Even if you have no idea of what to do or expect in Vietnam, a customized tour makes it possible to list the preferred style of accommodation, the things you want to do, the type of places to visit, and even food preferences. Once this information is known, your tour company can put together a complete itinerary that matches the specific needs and makes sure the trip is eternally etched in your mind.  

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Group tours
The Vietnam group tours are a practical choice for the larger group of friends or family members to wish to explore the very best of what this country has to offer. For complete comfort while resting up at night, there is usually a choice of accommodation with popular choices including the more luxurious hotels (3-5 stars), while access is provided to road, train or sea transport, such as the traditional junk boat for those wishing to explore the beautiful Halong Bay.

Short or long stays
Vietnam tour packages can vary significantly in relation to the length of your stay. Even a one day stay can be packed with things to do. By pre-arranging the activity on a short stay you are in a much better position to see and explore the amazing sights this country has to offer. A day tour is great for admiring the scenery of the Red River Delta or Halong Bay, discovering the historic Cu Chi Tunnels, visiting the Mekong Delta, or exploring the floating markets, or even visiting the fascinating museums in Ho Chi Minh City.

For longer stays in Vietnam (8, 10, 12, 18 days or more) you really get to travel north to south and fully discover the heart and soul of this country and explore the cultural attractions, modern cities and beautiful beaches. With guided sightseeing, transportation, food and accommodation included as part of the tour package, the pre-arranged tours are a perfect way to explore the country while still having a relatively flexible schedule.

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Things to see in Vietnam
A well-thought out and planned Vietnam tour gives a perfect opportunity to see and admire everything this richly diverse country has to offer. A tour can have you travel through charming and bustling cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, and complement that with the more peaceful trek along the scenic coastlines. Alternatively, a tour through the central regions of the country gives access to the stunning mountains and a vibrant carpet of rice paddies.

Many of the Vietnam tours start in the capital city of Vietnam; Hanoi is the centerpiece of the entire country and has its own fast and relentless pace that attracts you to its blend of exotic quirks and endearing grandeur.

Since its time as a war-torn nation, Vietnam has become one of the top holiday destinations that inspire intrigue and wonder wherever you go. Major cities like Hanoi are developing at an amazing rate, but still able to show its original and absorbing character.

Starting a Vietnam tour in Hanoi gives instant access to plenty of must-see destinations, such as the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre to see a wonderful performance, the French colonial-inspired Old Quarter, or a visit to the mausoleum that contains the preserved body of Ho Chi Minh.

Moving further north gives access to one of the prettiest corners of Vietnam, and that is Halong Bay with its spectacular scenery that leads out to the east sea. Rising out of the emerald waters is an archipelago of nearly 2000 limestone islands that are just waiting to be explored. This area is perfect for those visitors interested in hiking, rock climbing and scuba diving. A tour can even give the opportunity to slowly cruise these waters and admire these islets.

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Vietnam’s coastline stretches some 2400 km and includes plenty of beautiful beaches with gloriously soft sands that are just waiting to be visited. Whether your Vietnam tour takes you to the north or the south of the country, there is no reason not to be able to find a pristine stretch of sand to fully relax and admire the stunning views. Additionally, many of the beach destinations not only give complete access to secluded sands, but also to endearing fishing villages, tempting lagoons and pretty coves.

Nha Trang in the south-west of the country is regularly cited as one of the headline beach destinations in Vietnam (or Asia for that matter). Nha Trang has a pristine bay that is hidden behind several islands that give great protection from the elements. Plus, the sapphire waters and unspoiled sands are very tempting to the eye and offer plenty to keep you fully occupied with culture cruising, island-hopping and scuba diving for a really amazing experience.

Any tour that takes you south makes it possible to instantly enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Ho Chi Minh which has significantly progressed since its troubled past to create a city that is forward-thinking, lively and has the ability to showcase the country’s growing prosperity. The city is constantly moving at a very enthusiastic pace with the locals going about their day-to-day business, which is very easy to get caught up in.

For the traveler interested in learning more about Vietnam’s pass history, a tour of Ho Chi Minh City makes it possible to explore the vast network of Cu Chi Tunnels, which were an effective guerrilla tactic used throughout the Vietnam War. Other places to visit while in the city include the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Reunification Palace.

Vietnam tour packages that combine the old and new are certain to appeal to those that want to get a complete appreciation of what this country has to offer. By traveling further into the center of the country, you will find plenty of historic towns such as Dalat, Hue and Hoi An that are situated in attractive settings with French-colonial inspiration and endearing backstories.

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Is this trip right for you?
In view of the fact that most of the tour packages have a quite flexible approach and can easily be personalized to match the specific needs, there is absolutely no need to experience a holiday that doesn’t give you want you want.

Length of stay
The most popular tours give a perfect overview of the most stunning sights Vietnam has to offer while also combining plenty of fun and enjoyable activities. But, for those that wish to travel at the slow pace and really appreciate each stop-off point on the tour, it may benefit to consider one of the long length trips to avoid issues with feeling rushed while exploring the country.

The Vietnam whether in certain regions and times of year can be quite hot and sticky. This is most noticeable throughout the monsoon seasons, so it is important to wear the appropriate clothing to match the weather and the daily activity. Additionally, a hat and sunscreen are a practical addition, when outside for the day, or when out on an open boat in the Mekong Delta and Halong Bay.

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Long distance travel
For the tours that travel across the country, there is a great possibility of having to endure long stints of travel that can include the overnight sleeper train journey. But, the 12-hour plus ride on a train is the best possible way to maximize your travel time and ability to stay longer at each destination on the itinerary. Plus, it also gives a great opportunity to meet the locals. If you aren’t keen on traveling long distances in a train that has your sharing a compartment with other travelers or locals, you may wish to identify a travel plan that only includes the type or distance of travel that you feel entirely comfortable with.

Mode of transport
Even though the preferred form of transport for getting from location to location is an air-conditioned vehicle there are those times when exploring the more remote destinations that an alternative mode of transport may be necessary. For instance, there are some sights that involve touring on the back of a motorbike. While the bikes are driven by the processionals and can be great fun, they aren’t going to be appreciated by every traveler, so it is essential to customize a trip to avoid any issues that could leave you feeling uncomfortable.

With a well-planned, private, family, customized or luxury Vietnam tour, you get to fully appreciate what Vietnam has to offer and why it has become such as popular destination for the tailor-made and luxury holidays. Overall, a tour package gives a perfect balance of having the itinerary pre-arranged with the best places, as well as the transport, accommodation, and food; leaving you more relaxed to fully explore all the attractions and features this region has waiting for you.

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