Vietnam Tour Packages: The Best Way to Experience Vietnam’s Culture and Sights

Vietnam is rich in spectacular and wondrous landscape that makes it a perfect destination for travelers in search of something a little different on their holiday. The coastline of jade and turquoise colored waters, World Heritage sites, exuberant vegetation, vibrant markets, mountain ranges, golden beaches and tropical forests are all available to admire.

Vietnam Tour Packages make it possible to combine the very best of what this country has to offer in relation to the sights and sounds, as well as providing a fun and adventurous time. Whether you sign up for a standard or customized tour of Vietnam, you are certain to get a first hand view of the best attractions and a really enjoyable experience that is rich in cultural discovery.

A great benefit of the Vietnam Holiday Packages is the ability to rely on the specialized tour operator who can put together a tailor-made travel plan that matches the preferred budge, touring needs and travel period. Any reputable tour operator will make every effort to provide a travel itinerary that offers the best possible travel experience in Vietnam while saving on planning time and traveling costs.

There are several types of Vietnam Holiday Packages that have the ability to offer a memorable travel time, including:

 vietnam tour packages

Classic tours
The classic Vietnam Tour Packages across the north and south of Vietnam makes it possible to explore the premier travel destinations and discover more about the traditions and culture of the locals. This country, with its timeless beauty is rich in memorable sites to explore, including the iconic UNESCO Heritage listed sites like Ha Long Bay, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, My Son Sanctuary, Hoi An Ancient Town and Citadel of the Ho Dynasty. For the traveler's interested in traditional Vietnamese this type of tour is certain to provide the authentic and soothing experience that lets you visit the sights of today and yesteryear.

A simple itinerary for a classic tour can include exploring the bustling Hanoi, the peaceful Ha Long Bay, the old-fashioned costal town of Hoian or the lush-green valleys in the southern district of Mekong. Many of the tours include traditional shows and cyclo rides to give a full appreciation of what this country has to offer. Other delights include visiting the floating markets to cruising by sampan on the Perfume River. Additionally, the tours can take you further south to Ho Chi Minh City to help you fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere and color of this country.

vietnam tour packages

Adventure-Active tours
The adventure-active Vietnam tours are a perfect fit for the tourists that do not mind escaping from some of life’s everyday comforts and wishes to experience some of the adventures that go well beyond the urban limits. Adventure Vietnam Tour Packages swap the comfort of cars and buses for hiking boots and bicycles for the more rugged time and make it possible to traverse the fantastic natural landscapes. Whether the adventurous spirit is enhanced with authentic cultural immersion, heart-racing adventure, or exotic food, there is a customized tour available to match the specific needs or every thrill seeker. The authentic cultural immersion aspect of the tour is really popular and makes it possible to see real county life, villages and meet the tribal groups.

An adventure-active tour in southern Vietnam gives a perfect opportunity to enjoy a relaxed tour of Ho Chi Minh City (formerly called Saigon), as well as immersing yourself in the culture and lifestyle of the locals and exploring the Mekong Delta and Mui Ne. A visit to this historic city makes it possible to explore the Cu Chi tunnels (war time tunnel system) and the inclusive and colorful temple. By moving further into the central regions of the country, it is possible to take a beach break or take a ride on an elephant. Other local activities on the charming coastline include windsurfing or kite surfing.

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Multi-country tours
The multi-country tours are perfect for the travelers that really want to discover the full extent of what Southeast Asia has to offer. Country tours make it possible to visit several of the vibrant and emerging countries in this part of the world. Most of these tours let the travellers discover Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. A well-planned tour can take in Vietnam’s rich culture and admire the UNESCO Heritage listed sites, a visit to the quite secretive Myanmar (formally Burma) is great for those interested in history, the evergreen Thailand that is especially vibrant in its capital city of Bangkok, or explore a country like Laos with its increasing tourist industry and an eco-tourists’ paradise.

A Vietnam-Laos tour is for the more adventurous type that really wants to get immersed in the local surroundings and get a complete break from the comforts of home. A tour can start in the capital city of Hanoi before cruising in the beautiful Ha Long Bay and meeting up with ethnic minorities in the surrounding villages. On crossing the Laos border the tour can take in boat cruises, the sacred caves at Kamu Lodge, and then exploring one of the most alluring areas in Southeast Asia which is Luang Prabang; a site rich in Buddhist temples.

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Day tours
A simple day tour makes it possible to enjoy a single day with a specific type of entertainment such as visiting one of the major cities. This gives a great opportunity to experience the stress-free and pleasant day that include exploring the beautiful sites that surround many of Vietnam’s major cities. Whether you prefer the nature sites or more adventurous, there is every opportunity to find something that truly matches the interests. Many of the major cities have surrounding landscape that is rich in natural beauty while also giving the chance to meet the local ethnic minorities who are warm and welcoming.

With the ever increasing development in transport and the growing economics it is becoming much easier to experience the perfect Vietnam Tour Packages. Whether you are searching for the budget or luxurious tour, there are plenty of memorable places to visit and explore with families and friends.

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