HL01: Halong one day tour

Destinations: Hanoi - Halong Bay - Hanoi by private car

Highlights: Beautiful day-cruise around the bay to enjoy breathtaking beauty of nearly 2000 islets, discover amazing caves, grottoes and enjoy deliicous seafood on board.

This halong bay day-tour is a great option for those who don't have enough time to join overnight cruises. However, the trip still provides visitors with all highlights of a popular Halong bay tour, consisting of visiting to the most beautiful sites in Halong Bay, enjoying the most marvellous caves, and tasting the best seafood.



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    (Jan 1 - Apr 30 & Oct 1 - Dec 31)

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NOTE: The above tour prices are estimated per person & applied for group of 2 persons! Depending on your favorite hotels, traveling dates & group sizes, the tour prices will be updated! Please contact us at info@vivutravel.com for further information!

Hanoi - Halong Bay - Hanoi (Lunch)

08:00 Your Vivutravel's private tour guide and driver Pick you up at your hotel in Hanoi and take a beautiful drive passing countryside villages and rice fields. Halong bay is a must-see destination in Vietnam thanks to its spectacular landscapes of thousands of islands and islets jutting out from the sea surface. Especially, it offers a great cave system where are fulfilled with amazing stalagmites and stalactites.

12:00 Arriving at Tuan Chau International Port, embark your day-cruise and enjoy your welcome drinks.

12:15 Enjoy lunch with local sea food while your cruise passes numerous beautiful islets named Fighting Cock, Insence, Dog, Duck, etc.

14:00 Explore Surprising Cave which is praised as the most famous grotto of Halong Bay with hundreds of beautiful stalagmites and stalactites.

15:00 Stop at Titop Island and you can climb up to the top of the island to enjoy the panoramic view of the bay or swim there.

16:00 Continue cruising around the Bay and immerse in the beauty of nature.

18:00 Arrive back to the pier, where your car is waiting for you. Get on car and drive back to Hanoi.

End your trip at your hotel at around 21:00.

Vivutravel would like to thank you so much for using our services and wish to see you again.

Day 01


All transfers and transportation in private air-conditioned vehicle with driver
Day-cruise for 4 hours
1 lunch on board
English speaking guide


Other meals

Halong is an area of Vietnam known for its beautiful clear water, filled with bright orange and yellow boats, amidst a collection of 1969 scenic limestone islands. There are so many activities to enjoy, and one of the major ways of arriving at the activities is to join a cruise. Whether you are a travel photographer, an adventure traveler, simply someone who enjoys a cruise, Halong Bay will interest you immensely.

halong cruise

Where is Halong?
Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the northeastern part of Vietnam. It covers 1500 square km and is made up of 1969 islands, made from limestone, that have been created over the last 500 million years.

What is the weather like in Halong?
There is a diverse climate in Halong Bay, and each season offers something different. Spring occurs from February through April, Summer is from May through August, Autumn is from September through November, and Winter occurs in December and January. The most recommended time to visit Halong is between March through May, and September through November, but you can decide for yourself.   

Springtime in Halong Bay has a range of temperature from 18-27 degrees celsius. The humidity is somewhat high, and due to the high humidity there is a rainfall increase from 28mm to 84mm by the end of the Spring season. There is also a higher chance of a cloudy day in Spring due to the humidity. Generally Spring is known as the second best time to visit Halong Bay, as the temperature is not as hot as in the summer, so the weather is very pleasant as it is neither extremely hot nor extremely cold.

There are a few things to remember for traveling during the Spring season to Halong Bay. First is to remember that the weather can get a bit chilly, so it is recommended to pack a light sweater. The most important holiday in Vietnam, the lunar new year, occurs during February which can be wonderful to experience a true Vietnamese experience. As a result there may be breaks in ability to use certain travel companies.

The hottest time of the year to travel in Halong Bay is the summer and additionally has the highest chance of storms or typhoons. The daytime temperatures are generally around 33 degrees celsius, but can reach up to 40, and the night time temperatures can range anywhere from 26-30 degrees celsius. This is also the season with the largest amount of precipitation which can total up to 1000mm per month. It may be a wonder why anyone would travel during the time, but the summer days are known to be gorgeous with bright, blue skies. If you have a bit more time to wait through a storm it may also be cheaper during these months. If you plan to travel during the summer, remember to bring sunscreen and sunglasses, as well as a raincoat or umbrella for sudden downpours.

Generally known as the best time to travel to Halong Bay, autumn is very comfortable with average temperatures ranging from 23-27 degrees celsius. The humidity levels are around 70%, but decrease as you get closer to October and November. This is the season that has the most sunshine days, pure blue sky, and breezy weather. You may want a cardigan during this time of the year as it can get slightly chilly at night, but you should never feel uncomfortable.

Winter is the coldest season to visit Halong Bay and not specifically recommended. The average temperature is around 17 degrees celsius, and most days there is no sunlight with a lot of fog.  One positive aspect about visiting during winter is the lack of rainfall with just 27mm on average. It may not make much sense, but this is not a good time to avoid the crowds in Halong Bay. This is a peak tourist season due to the Christmas and New Years holidays. Crowds are larger due to the special programs during this time, but costs may also be higher. Make sure to prepare with warm jackets and a bathing suit for the hot tubs.

How do I get to Halong Bay?
The best way to get to Halong Bay is by taking a cruise. These cruises take you through the islands, and drop you off at different activities along the way. Eventually you will end up on an island and choose to either spend the night there if you have booked a multi day cruise, or head back by the end of the day. Most people decide to spend at least one night on the islands, but 2-4 nights is recommended for a full experience.

How long does it take to get from Hanoi to Halong?
There is a new highway now from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay and it takes only 2 hours by car. 

What activities are there to do in Halong Bay?
There are so many activities for everyone to participate in, in Halong Bay. Whether you are an adventurous solo traveler, a somewhat active family, or someone who enjoys taking photography and laying on the beach, there is something for everyone.

For the more adventurous travelers, confirm that your cruise will have different options to choose from in the itinerary that you are interested in. Kayaking is an extremely popular option to take a break from the boat. Kayaking gives you the freedom to explore the area and go through caves that your boat otherwise may not be able to fit through. Trekking is an adventurous and active thing to participate in. There are options to trek near fishing villages, on Cat Ba Island or near the Hon Gai District. Cycling can also be done in almost every part of Halong bay, as well as in Halong city. This can be a fun alternative to walking, as well as activity. With so many limestone cliffs all over Halong, rock climbing is one of the most breathtaking, and adventurous activities to take part in. There are options for all expert levels, so anyone interested in trying this activity should give it a go.

For a calmer experience, kayaking can be an option, but there are many other options as well in Halong Bay. Sunbathing is always a great option as there are many beautiful beaches all over the islands. Tai Chi is a common early morning activity for those who embark on an overnight cruise. This is a nice way to greet the morning in a low impact way, similar to yoga. Cooking classes are also offered on many multi night cruises. This usually is while you are helping to prepare dinner, and you will get to experience cooking local dishes. Squid fishing can be part of this as this is a food that is cooked and commonly eaten in Halong Bay.

What is there to see in Halong?
Besides the activities specifically in Halong Bay, there are many activities in the Halong area. Cua Van is a fishing village that was rated one of the “World’s Most Beautiful Small Villages,” by the Huffington Post. Visiting here can give some insight to how locals live, and local culture that has been around for many years. Viet Hai Village is within Cat Ba Island, and is much less crowded than a lot of areas of Halong Bay. Known as Maze Cave, there is an incredibly complex structure within this cave and has evidence of a civilization that existed as long as 10,000 years ago. For the movie buff in the group, Coc Cheo Islet is where the famous movie Kong was filmed. Finally for the nature lover, Cong Do Island has a beautiful and thriving ecosystem different to that of the rest of Halong.

Do I have to take a cruise to Halong Bay?
You do not have to take a cruise to Halong Bay, but it is known as part of the experience. Also at many times of the year it can be a bit difficult to charter a boat out, and you  may not get the full experience.

Where do cruises leave from to Halong Bay?
Most cruises will leave from the Bai Chay, or Tuan Chau port. It is important to confirm this with your cruise operator, as some additionally leave from Hon Gai or Cai Lan ports around Halong Bay.

What should I bring with me for a trip to Halong?
What you bring with you on your trip to Halong will depend greatly on the season you plan to travel. Make sure to look at the weather and pack accordingly. It is good to be aware that the waters around Halong have a higher salinity than normal. If you plan to swim, make sure to bring some shampoo with you to wash your hair while on the boat. This is also true for spending the night as you will most likely want a bathing suit, change of clothes, a towel, and any beauty products. Don’t forget to bring local cash to buy extra snacks or souvenirs at the local villages.

What if I have allergies, will I be accommodated?
Most cruises will include at least lunch and dinner, and if you are spending the night breakfast as well. If you are someone with allergies, notify your cruise operator immediately, but normally they should be able to accommodate anything within reason.

Will I have phone reception on my tour through Halong Bay?
Generally plan to be disconnected for most of your time in Halong Bay. The further you get from mainland Vietnam, the less chance of phone reception you will have. Sit back, relax and enjoy nature in all its wonder.

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Are you planning your Vietnam Holiday, but not sure how to arrange the trip? Getting lost in many tour options? Being sick of searching...? Just leave your troubles behind to read our Vietnam travel guide and send us your requests. Your private travel consultant at Vivutravel will help you design a perfectly suggested tour itinerary and quote which are tailor made to suit your wishes and budget.

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* How to plan my Vietnam tour with you?
1. Send us an inquiry by submitting one of our online tour inquiry forms (Click). Tell us as much information as possible. For examples;

- Please tell us how many people will be traveling with you?

- Please tell us your preferred hotels, level of hotel (3, 4 or 5 stars), type of hotel, type of room...

- Please tell us your type of travel, length of travel and activities that you are interested in. For example; Family with kids, Couple's vacation, Honeymoon, Friends, Shopping, Sightseeing, Leisure and Relaxing, Cuisine & Cooking, Kayaking, Caves & Grottoes, Fishing, Swimming, Hiking, Minority, Adventure & Discovery...

- Please tell us where and what you want to visit. If you do not know much about Vietnam and Indochina, just give us your travel plan and ideas and we will create a suggested tour for you.

- Most of our tour guides are English speaking tour guides, but if you want another language like French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese... we can always arrange. Please tell us what you do you expect from your guides, for example; you want a guide with sense of humor? Good knowledge in history & culture? Male/Female guide? Talkative/untalkative? Young/Old guide?

- Please advise if you want breakfast included only or also lunch and dinner. Please let us know if you are a vegetarian, the food you can eat or can't? If you want local food in local restaurants or western food in tourist restaurant...? Actually, you do not have to send us all information, but the more we know, the better we plan your holiday.

2. After having received your inquiry, one of our professional Vietnam travel consultants will email and give you a proposal.

3. If you accept the proposal (you may modify it till you are satisfied with it), we will calculate the tour cost and send you the tour price. If you accept it, please confirm that you would like to book it.

* How Travel Experts at Vivutravel Service you?
"Highest Standards of Quality and Honesty" is the core value of each specialized team at Vivutravel.

Everyone in our company is working hard for only one goal, which is to ensure the highest level of service, luxury, and attention to detail from the minute you begin planning your trip, to the day you return home.

vivutravel consultants

1-on-1 Travel Consultant
After sending us an inquiry, one of our travel consultants will get back to you within 0.5~23.5 hrs. In the next few days, he/she will be working closely with you to formulate a customized tour plan, as well as providing professional suggestions based on your travel interests, time, and budget.

Beside, he/she will keep in contact with you during your entire tour in Vietnam and Indochina, continually checking if everything is going well as planned.

* How to proceed to book Vietnam and Indochina tour with you?
When you decide to book your Vietnam and Indochina holiday with us, please send us your full names (name on passport) for hotel and domestic flight reservations, and your international flight details in and out Vietnam/Indochina for airport transfers / pick up & see off.

* How to pay the deposit and the balance?
Deposit: When the booking is completely confirmed, we will send you confirmation details including confirmed itinerary, invoice, voucher then deposit request of about 30% of the total tour cost (can be less). You can pay by credit cards (via onepay gateway, pay online), make wire transfer, western union. The deposit is used to pay the flight tickets, hotels, train tickets in advance.

Balance: You can pay the rest 2 weeks before your arrival, or you can pay us on your arrival in Vietnam by credit cards, cash (AUD, USD, EUROS, VND...)

* How to enjoy the tour?
Our job is to make your holiday a memorable experience. To make sure you will have a great time, there are something that we should share;

When you request the tour: Please let us know your personal interests so our travel consultants will design and include in the itinerary, or take notes for the hotels, tour guide, restaurants...

Before you come: One week before your arrival. we always send our clients an email to update about the weather and climate, booking status, and remind you to prepare/check the documents, visa...for the holiday.

When on tour: The tour is fixed, but you can always discuss with us if you want to make it more flexible. For example, you want to make some changes in the itinerary, restaurant (meals), tour guide... please just let us know, we will do the best for you.

Tour guide: Please let us know what do you expect from your tour guides and we will arrange the right ones for you.

halong overnight cruise

* Can you buy the international flight tickets for us?
Yes, we do. However, we advise you to buy the flight tickets in and out Vietnam from your end as it is always cheaper than if booked in here.

* Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, we offer discounts for;

- Family with kids and children < 12 years old
- Disable people
- Old people (> 65 years old)
- Second trip with us
- Big group

* How can I pay you the money?
1) Credit card; (secure online payment gateway via Onepay)

Like PayPal, OnePAY is a payment gateway but specialized in Vietnam where the PayPal has not yet reached. This is a perfect and the first payment processor which gains reputation among clients about its efficiency and timely friendly support.

OnePAY in cooperation with biggest bank in Vietnam - Vietcombank which has been implemented this service among many tour operators in Vietnam.

OnePAY is approved by MasterCard for this payment collection on the behalf of us. OnePAY uses SSL Verisign® over internet transaction under 3D-Secure program by respective creditcard companies so you are free from worries your card information disclosed. OnePAY payment portal also meets standards of international financial system such as PCI DSS of PCI Security Standards Council, 3D-Secure of Visa, MasterCard and JCB.

2) Wire transfer (bank transfer)
3) Cash
4) Western union
5) Combination

* Is there any charge if i change my travel plan such as travel dates, tour itinerary, hotels,...?
We are happy to work on your requests, and will not charge you any money. However, if it is too urgent and the date is too close, the hotels or airlines may chare you some money, in this case we will let you know.

* What is the latest time that I can make my reservation?
We suggest you make reservations at least one month before the departure date. If you decide to travel to Vietnam in May, September or October which is peak season, we recommend you make the reservations two months (at least one) before your departure date. Late reservations can not be guaranteed for the availability of domestic flights, hotel rooms, etc.

However, we DO accept late reservations, things are possible at Vivutravel.

halong bay cuise

* What about Cancellation policy?
In case of cancellation, we will not impose any charges if we are not being charged and possible to get refund from our suppliers but if our suppliers apply charges for cancellation, you will have to pay those charges that apply. Cancellation policies vary, depending upon the type of service, the time of year, and the reason for cancellation. We will pass on to you all details of any cancellation policy with our transparent reply upon demand.

General cancellation charges that applied by travel services in Vietnam and Indochina.

- Domestic flights: 25% of the fares
- 3 star hotels, no charge if you cancel 5 -7 days before your arrival. (FIT)
- 4 star hotels, no charge if you cancel 10 - 15 days before your arrival (FIT)
- 5 stars hotels, no charge if you cancel 15 - 20 days before your arrival (FIT)

However, in peak season, we may have to pay the hotels one month before your arrival to secure the booking, and in this case, the cancellation policy will be based on the hotels' cancellation plolicies.

* Can we get refund?
For the unused services, Vivutravel will refund you the money.

* How do I get a visa?
Vietnam Visa - For those who would like to avoid the perhaps lengthening visa procedures with their local Vietnam's Embassies, the service of Vietnam Visa On Arrival is available for help. It is legitimated and supported by the Vietnamese Immigration Department. We recommend that you choose visa upon arrival, as picking up visa at the Vietnam int'l airport/border is quite simple, easy, no additional charges and no fail.

Steps to obtain Visa on arrival
a) Please provide the following information for us to apply for your visa.

1) Full name on passport
2) Passport number
3) Date of birth
4) Nationality
5) Date of arrival
6) Date of issue
7) Date of expire
8) Please make sure that your passport is still valid for 6 months

You can apply Vietnam visa online through our www.vietnamvisaprovider.com.

b) How long does it take?
It will take 2-3 days (Normal process), 01 day (Urgent process) to get the “Visa Approval Letter” which we will send you via mail. What you need is to print it out and take it along to get the stamp at airports/borders

c) Get the stamp
Upon arrival, you will need to fill in a certain form with your personal information, get the stamp and visa will be done. For this process, you will need to prepare 02 photos (4*6) and $25 USD each in cash which is stamping fee.

* Do our tour guides and drivers have meals with us?
The guide and the driver in each destination will dine at the same restaurant as yours. But, they will not join you unless you invite them.

cave in halong bay

* Where can I exchange our money into Vietnam currency?
We advise you to stop in any of a Vietnamese bank during the tour (Our tour guides will take you to the bank), you can also exchange money at your hotel, but the exchange rate is not really good.

* Can I use credit cards in Vietnam?
Major credit cards such as Master Card, Visa, Diner's Card, American Express and JCB can be used to purchase goods in large shopping malls and stores in the big and medium cities, to pay for hotel rooms and for meals in some of the fancier restaurants, and to buy plane tickets with them.

Note: If you are to travel to those small cities or even remote rural areas, only cash in Dong can be used.

* Do I need to bring my medical record with me?
Yes, we suggest you take your medical record with you in case that you need it in the event of an emergency, and please also take with you your doctor's name, address and phone number, emergency contact name and phone number, and your insurance company's name, address and phone number.

* When I finish my tour in Vietnam, if I still have some local money, what can I do?
Upon leaving Vietnam, if you still have some local money, you can change them back to foreign currency with your passport and the exchange memos given by the banks or money exchange counters. So please keep those exchange memos well whenever you change money.

* Tipping
Tipping is not compulsory, but expected by your tour guide and driver.  We advise you to tip as below:

- US$10 - $15 per day for tour guide
- US$7 - US$10 per day for driver

- Tipping can be more or less or nothing that depends on how big is the group? And how do you enjoy our services?

- Other tipping for tuktuk, sampan boat, cyclo,... please check with your tour guide during the tour.

* Shopping
Vivutravel guarantees "no shopping tour", which means we protect you from the tourist shopping centers or traps. However, if you want to buy something, our travel consultants, tour guides will give you suggestions, advices and help you buy to avoid being overcharged.

Bargaining is a "Must" when buying something in Vietnam and Indochina.


Vivutravel believes that a good choice of accommodation will be the key factor for a successful holiday, and for many years of experience in tourism, we have created a list of the best hotels and resorts each destination that offer us both more benefits of competitive rates, early birds, guaranteed promotion and discounts with availability.

vietnam hotel

We pick the selected hotels for you as below:
Location: The hotels must be centrally – located, close to the main attractions and most convenient for you to enjoy your holiday.

Facility & Service Quality: Vivutravel only uses the hotels that are regularly and strictly inspected. The hotel must provide international standards and your every need is cared for by the hotel staff.

Variety in Choice: As Vivutravel offers different styles of tour such as honeymoon,, family, adventure, discovery, homestay,... so we will offer many styles and grades of hotels which are available for different budgets, tastes and culture backgrounds.

Hotel Information for planning your holiday and stay.
2 Stars - From US$35 - US$40:
We hardly use 2 star hotels for our clients but sometimes we have no choice if your trip is in the mountainous or remote areas. Basically, 2 star hotels will offer good size and clean guest rooms with AC, TV, hot water, shower and private bathrooms

3 Stars - From US$40 - US$80:
Offering basic needs for a comfortable stay, good size and clean guest rooms with Free access high speed Internet, Welcome baskets and drinking water, Telephone with international dialing, Electronic safe box in room, Hairdryer, Coffee and Tea, Wake-up service, AC, TV, hot water, shower and private bathrooms. On-site restaurants with breakfast included and lunch or dinner at your own pick up. A small fitness center, spa and swimming pool can be expected.

4 Stars - From from US$80 - US$130:
Offering a wide range of comfortable boutique hotels are available with shopping, dining and entertainment facilities nearby. Featuring quality service, fully furnished rooms, restaurants, fitness center with spa (and swimming pool in most cases), the hotels are expected to offer an above-average accommodation experience.

5 Stars - from US$130 - US$200 – US$ 300:
Offering an extensive range of facilities for an excellent accommodation experience. Multiple restaurants on site and a wide range of choice for buffet breakfast, good size of swimming pool, fitness center and concierge service round out the experience.

Tour guide and driver are Vivutravel's representatives and your travel companions during your travel in Vietnam and Indochina who take care of our travel services and make your holiday a memorable time. Understanding this, Vivutravel always selects the best tour guides and drivers for tours.

Private Guide & Transfer
Vivutravel's tour packages are private and tailor made so during your travel with us, you will have a private tour guide, private driver, and an air-conditioned vehicle escorting you at every destination you travel to. This will provide you with maximized personal care, security, and flexibility.

vivutravel tour guidevietnam tour guide

Tour Guide:
We do understand that a good tour guide will make your holiday a beautiful time and tour guides who work with us are well-paid, experienced with a university background, eager to exchange our culture, lifestyle, knowledge...with travelers, and have a great passion for their country and understand the personal touch.

Note: In Sapa or some mountainous areas, we may use local tour guides who come from the ethnic groups like H'Mong, or Red Dao as they know better than anyone else about their land, culture, customs and habits... and this is also the way that Vivutravel helps the local people a better life.

Vivutravel's requirements for a tour guide:
1 - Licensed at least for 4 years with working experience.

2 - Guiding does require more than just hanging out in the sun. Guides must be friendly and good with people, organized enough to keep groups or people on schedule, quick on their feet and ready for the inevitable snafus that arises.

3 - Must be an honest broker of their services and able to take criticism.

4 - Should be qualified at some level in health, health care or first aid.

5 - Able to relate to people from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds.

6 - Clear speech and good hearing.

7 - Must not be a alcoholic or No-alcohol during working time or anytime when on tour.

8 - Tour guide is a nurse to take care of visitors, a boss to keep the right itinerary, a teacher to give information, an ambassador to introduce our country, an entertainer

9 - Must be on time every time. Being late or delay is unacceptable.

10 - Check flight tickets, train tickets, meals, weather... to make sure things are in order and inform local office if any changes that might effect the tour.

11 - Solve problems with care when there is dissatisfy. Argument should be averted by courtesy.

12 - If any change of itinerary is needed for unexpected reasons, your private tour guides will be more than accommodating in suggesting alternatives to ensure that you always have a wonderful experience.

vivutravel driver and busvivutravel car

Vivutravel guarantees to offer the best means of transport during your holiday in Vietnam and Indochina. The safety, comfort and security of our customers come first. We use only the latest modern cars, vans, coaches and all our drivers are full time workers, government licensed in the tourism industry with at least 5 years driving experience. We are fully in control of our quality and service as we own our vehicles.

Vivutravel's requirements for a tour driver.
- Our drivers must be good drivers with at least 5 years of experience

- Our drivers must keep the vehicles clean,

- Our drivers are not allowed to hear cell-phone or smoke, chat, drink when driving.

- Our drivers must be friendly, helpful.

- Our drivers are not allowed to take you to shops unless you ask for.

- Your vehicle in each destination is air conditioned, insured, clean, and regularly maintained.

Tipping is not compulsory, but expected by your tour guide and driver.  We advise you to tip as below:

- US$10 - $15 per day for tour guide
- US$7 - US$10 per day for driver

- Tipping can be more or less or nothing that depends on how big is the group? And how do you enjoy our services?

- Other tipping for tuktuk, sampan boat, cyclo,... please check with your tour guide during the tour.

Indochina holiday to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand offers you some of the world's best food and it is really the highlight of your travel. Vivutravel tends to include meals where necessary and when special. Other meals are at your own choices.

vietnam travelvietnam holidays

Breakfast is included at all hotels and is buffet breakfast with Asian and Western food.

Lunches (if included) are usually set menu at handpicked local restaurant with comfortable dining environment where you can rest assure to taste the local flavor. All restaurants are carefully selected and highly recommended.

If allergic to some food
We suggest you to list any food or ingredients that you are allergic to and let our travel consultant know. Then your travel consultant will mark them in the guide’s itinerary, so that our reservation's team and tour guides in different cities can make some preparations and arrangements in advance.

Dinners are only included if you stay overnight in a homestay, overnight on cruise in Halong Bay, Mekong Delta or at some special occasions such as welcome dinner, farewell dinner or on requested. So dinners are at your own choice and arrangement, but Vivutravel's tour guide will always give you good suggestions based on your preferences.

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