HG01: Essential Ha Giang Tour - 3 days / 2 nights

The most beautiful destination of Vietnam, a perfect tour for new adventure and immersed yourself in unique culture and amazing nature.

Ha Giang, the north pole of Vietnam is the most magnificent place to visit. On a trip to Ha Giang, tourists will be impressed by imposing Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark as well as unique culture and life of more than 20 ethnic groups living in this province.

Road to Ha Giang is extremely scenic and the must - see places are "Quan Ba Heaven Gave", "Lung Cu Flag Tower", "The North Pole", "The Vuong Palace", "Lung Cam Culture Village", "Nho Que River", "Ma Phi Leng Pass", etc.

Ha Giang tour offers homestay experience at a family of the Tay, Dao or Lolo ethnic, but nice hotel is available, too. If you are looking for the best place in Vietnam for Hiking, Photography, Motorbiking tour, Ha Giang will not make you disappointed.

Ha Giang, destination for an off the beaten path adventure holiday. What are you waiting for?

Brief tour itinerary:

Day 1: Hanoi - Ha Giang - Quan Ba - Nam Dam
Day 2: Nam Dam - Yen Minh - Pao's house - H'Mong King Palace - Lung Cu - Dong Van
Day 3: Dong Van - Nho Que boat trip - Ma Pi Leng pass - Hanoi

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Hanoi – Ha Giang – Quan Ba Heaven Gate - Nam Dam Homestay (Lunch, Dinner) (Guide)

The remote and far north province of Ha Giang is the most beautiful place to visit and discover in Vietnam and has long been known for its high karst plateau, steep hills, winding roads and ethnic diversity. The beauty of Ha Giang is mysterious, magnificent, imposing and speechless.

This destination is so stunning that you should be there at least once in your lifetime!

8:00am: This morning, we will pick you at your hotel in Hanoi then drive to Ha Giang mountainous province which the Vietnam-China border extends more than 275Km long. During the way, there are many grandiose mountains with unique formation of peaky rocks. Ha Giang is home to 4 major ethnic minorities with Hmong, Tay, Dao & Nung that make the ethnical diversity and nowhere we can see more fusing traditions than Ha Giang.

Have lunch at local restaurant.

After lunch, we continue to drive to Quan Ba Heaven gate.

Arrive Quan Ba, you will have a great chance to walk up the top on hill to enjoy the stunning view of Quan Ba town, take the photo of Co Tien Double mountain. We then continue to Nam Dam village in Quan Ba for overnight at homestay.

The charming village is nestled peacefully in a valley surrounded by karst mountains, holds inside it preserved traditional customs, habits and culture from ancient times which is appealing to tourists. Walk around the village, enjoy beautiful view of the village with the high mountains and the lovely terraced fields, houses of earthen walls gleamed in the sun.

Have dinner with the local host.

Overnight at homestay

Day 01

Nam Dam – Tham Ma Slope – Pao's House – The Vuong's Palace – Lung Cu – Dong Van (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) (Guide)

Today, we will drive via Yen Minh pass where you enjoy and fall in love with fabulous view of limestone mountain and valley, stop at Pho Cao pass (Tham Ma pass) to take the photo of Happiness road before drive to visit Lung Cam village culture village to visit the home filming “ Story of Pao”, the film which won four Golden Kite Prizes (the Oscars of Vietnam).

We then continue to The King Palace of Hmong people which is one of the few sites in Ha Giang travelers can visit for magnificent architecture and historical values.

After lunch, drive to visit the Lung Cu national flag tower and the north pole of Vietnam.

Head to Dong Van for overnight in a hotel.

In the evening, our guide will take you out for Dinner in a local restaurant, then take a walk to explore the old town of Dong Van

Day 02

Dong Van – Ma Pi Leng Pass – Nho Que River Boat Trip – Hanoi (Breakfast, Lunch) (Guide)

This is a long day to drive back to Hanoi so we have early breakfast, check out and we start our trip at 06:30am to visit Ma Pi Leng pass, inlcuding a visit to the "Happiess Road Museum" and take a short walk to the top of amazing Ma Pi Leng pass

We continue to drive on the "Happiness road and stop where you want for photos.

Nestled between the mountain of northeast of Vietnam, Nho Que River winding like green thread shimmering north from heaven. The length of 192 km, the river engraved name on 46 km across the strip of land in Vietnam, and flows through the rocky sloping limestone mountain of the global geological park system Dong Van stone. The Nho Que river carries a beautiful turquoise blue color. That shines through the bright green patches of the forest almost all seasons of the year (except the rain season from Apr till Sep).

Take "XeOm - Motorbike" to get to the boat wharf.

After 1 hour for boat trip along the river and visit Tu San alley, we will take “xeom” to get back the car and drive back to Hanoi.

Lunch is on the way.


It takes around 8-9 hours to Hanoi so this great tour is only recommended for those who have limited time and feel good with long drive.

Day 03


  • Private transportation in air-conditioned vehicle with driver
  • Accommodation as indicated
  • Private English speaking guide (other languages on request)
  • Entrance fees as program
  • Boat trip as indicated
  • "Xe Om"- motorcycle round way
  • Meals as indicated


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Where is Ha Giang?
Ha Giang is located in the Northern highlands of Vietnam. It is a mountain region at a high altitude. The city itself is from 800-1,200m above sea level, and the 49 mountains range from 500-2,500m.

ha giang loop tour

What is there to see and do in Ha Giang?
There are many amazing things to see in Ha Giang. The first is simply the road that leads you to Ha Giang called the Happiness Road. This is a loop that connects Dong Van and Meo Vac called Ma Pi Leng Pass. Happiness road is beautiful and really interesting to view as you travel within Ha Giang, or arrive to Ha Giang.

While in Ha GIang there are many natural wonders to see. Noong Lake is a freshwater lake about 23km from Ha Giang City. The natural body of water has a floating tree forest that changes depending on the season, This is extremely magical and beautiful to look at. En Cave is located about 60km from Ha Giang city. It is a tourist attraction, but is still considered untouched. Here you will see huge stone stalactite formations.

For the adventure traveler, Hoang Su Phi is a highland border district that is located about 50km from Ha Giang city. The reason this is considered for adventure travelers is the road here is somewhat dangerous. When you arrive you will be greeted by natural beauty of terraced rice fields looking different in each season.

There are a few historical and man-made attractions in Ha Giang. The Vuong Family mansion is a taste of what it would be like to live in a Vietnamese mansion. The architecture is beautiful and it is made entirely out of stone. It took 10 years to finish the construction. For a bit of history Sung Khanh Pagoda is a famous temple. It is located on a small hill in the village of Nung Village, and is only 9km from Ha Giang City. This could be accessible on a bicycle for the adventurous traveler!     If you are interested in going to the Chinese border, the actual border gate is only 22km from Ha Giang City.

Ha Giang market is a wonderful cultural experience that happens regularly, and in different locations according to the time of year. This market is usually quite crowded and has many different types of goods from different ethnic minorities of the people who live in Ha Giang. Once per year on the 27th day of the third month in the lunar calendar is a special event called the Khau Vai Love Market. This is a market where the different people who live in Ha Giang come to meet ex-lovers, new lovers and to show affection in general. People also dress up in crazy outfits with beautiful colors. This can be an exciting and unique time to visit Ha Giang.

When is the best time to visit Ha Giang?
What is great about Ha Giang is that all of the seasons are beautiful. There are two main seasons, the wet rainy season and the dry season. Generally, April to early October is the rainy season. The weather should be hot and humid with consistent rainfall. It can be important to remember your rain jacket or umbrella if you plan to visit during the rainy season. There is a chance of slippery roads, and landslides to the high volume or rain. What is best about this time is that the surrounding areas are very green. The dry season lasts from October through late April. The climate can be considered a bit nicer due to it being cooler, not as humid, and barely any rain. The temperature can get very cold in the high mountains and can even snow in January and February. Although there is no bad season to visit Ha Giang, the dry season is considered the best time to visit.

From October to December the buckwheat flowers are blooming all around the grey mountains, which give them a pink color. This is beautiful and can be compared to cherry blossom season in other Asian countries. January and February are the months when the Lunar New Year occurs, and is also where peach and plum flowers bloom. May is the month when the rice fields are flooded to prepare for the rice season. The scenery looks extremely unique at this time. From September to October the rice fields turn golden, and a famous place to view them are in Hoang Su Phi.

Do I need a permit to visit Ha Giang?
Ha Giang is also known as Vietnam’s “final frontier,” and therefore travel to this area is controlled in order to protect the different ethnic people and animals living here. If you do not have a travel permit before traveling you may be escorted by law officials out of the area, or have your mode of transportation taken away. It is impossible to fake this permit, and most hostels, airbnb and hotels will ask to see this when checking in.

How do I get from Hanoi to Ha Giang?
The distance between Hanoir and Ha Giang is around 300km, as Ha Giang is situated in the far north of Vietnam. This ride on either a motorbike or in a normal car will take 8-10 hours. If you choose to take a public bus, it will only take 6-8 hours due to needing less rest than on motorbike. There are two well recommended bus companies that run from Hanoi to Ha Giang, the Guang Nghi and Hung Thanh companies. This is a very comfortable way to travel as they both offer sleeper options. Guang Nghi company is the more expensive of the two companies, at $13 USD per person. This journey departs at either 715am, or 415pm, and will last for 6 hours. For the Hung Thanh company, the price is $10 USD, so it is a bit cheaper, but the journey will last for 8 hours. There is a bit more flexibility with this company as they have 3 options for departure, 830am, 230pm and 9pm. There are no trains that go through Ha Giang.

What is there to eat in Ha Giang?
Ha Giang is known for a few interesting and unique dishes due to it’s high elevation and proximity to the Chinese border. The first local dish is called, Au Tau Porridge, is a bit bitter and can be found all over Ha Giang city. There are many spices within this porridge as well as rice, and meat. Originally this was known as a medicine to cure those suffering from a common cold. Buffalo met is also a famous local meat specifically eaten not only in Ha Giang, but in all of the northwest of Vietnam. The meat is prepared by marinating it in peppers, and ginger, and then hung above a kitchen fire to be cooked over charcoal. This is a must try local dish for those who are not vegetarian. Another meat dish, that is not always loved by foreigners, is Thang Co. Thang Co is made from horse meat, and is traditional with the Hmong people. It is prepared by taking all parts of the horse meat and frying them. Traditionally women will eat this with rice balls and men will have it with ground corn.

Since buckwheat is one of the main crops grown in Ha Giang, there are many foods that are made from the flower of the buckwheat. These are known as Tam Giac Mach flowers. They are a beautiful color of pink, and have a specific tasty flavor. These flowers are made into wine, cookies, cake and more. Regarding sweets, there is a special dessert soup found in Dong Van and Meo Vac called Than Den. This dish is meant to warm up the body during the colder months of the dry season. The soup is made of glutinous rice balls which are soaked in syrup. They place peanuts, sesame and coconut slices over the top. This can be compared to mochi balls of Japanese origin.

How do I get around in Ha Giang?
Many travelers choose to travel to Ha Giang by motorbike themselves, and is something that the region is famous for. But if you choose not to rent a motorbike and travel to Ha Giang from elsewhere, there are places to rent one and travel around Ha Giang. This can be exciting and give you a bit more freedom in terms of where you can visit and what time you can go there. If this is not necessarily up your alley, you can choose to rent a car, or hire someone to drive you in a car to visit parts of the region. This shouldn’t be terribly expensive and you should be able to find someone from any hotel or guesthouse to help organize this for you.

How long should I plan to be in Ha Giang?
It is recommended to visit Ha Giang longer than only 1 night due to its location and distance from Hanoi. Truly to get a grasp of the beauty and visit many things in Ha Giang, at least 3-5 days would be enjoyable. This is obviously dependant on how many things you would like to see in the area, and the weather as well. If you visit during the wet season and aren’t able to get around for 1 day, you will have wished you had set aside a bit more time to experience the region. It really depends what style of traveler you are, and what you are looking to get out of your trip.

Ha Giang is a wonderful and special region in northern Vietnam. It is not as popular as Sapa, and definitely a bit more accessible from Hanoi. There are many beautiful wonders to see, and interesting things to eat. If you would like a bit of a break from the hustle and bustle to learn about a different cultural side of Vietnam, then Ha Giang is the best place to be.

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nho que river boat trip 

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ha giang loop

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There are not many luxury hotels in Ha Giang, but homestay, mostly mini hotels and a few 3-4 stars are available.

Homestay: Homestay is a great way to experience life and culture of the ethnic group in Ha Giang depending on your tour itinerary, you can stay in homstay at Phuong Do village of the Tay minority, Nam Dam Village of they Dao minority or LoLo Chai village of the LoLo ethnic.

Homestay is clean, having comfortable mattress, mosquito net, hot and cold shower. Some homestay has private room, too.

homestay in ha giang

nam dam homestay

Hotel:  Phoenix Hotel is the first 4 star hotel in Ha Giang city. In Dong Van, Hoa Cuong is still the best choice (aroudn 3 stars). Mini hotels are not a bad idea to save cost, but still comfortable enough.

hotel in ha giang

 phoenix hotel in ha giang

Tour guide and driver are Vivutravel's representatives and your travel companions during your travel in Sapa & the Northeast of Vietnam who take care of our travel services and make your holiday a memorable time. Understanding this, Vivutravel always selects the best tour guides and drivers for such amazing trips to the far North.

Tour Guide:

We do understand that a good tour guide will make your holiday a beautiful time and tour guides who work with us are well-paid, experienced with a university background, eager to exchange our culture, lifestyle, knowledge...with travelers, and have a great passion for their country and understand the personal touch.

Then we always use experienced tour guides who are expert in guiding trips to those Northeast areas and will show you the most beautiful view-points, introduce to you unique cultures and lifestyles of local ethnic people as well as guide you to amazing trekking routes.

tour guide in the northeast


Vivutravel guarantees to offer the best means of transport during your tour to Sapa & the Northeast. The safety, comfort and security of our customers come first. Furthermore, as all tourist sites are mostly far from towns and city centers, vehicle must be the latest modern one or it will be very difficult to manage in case it is broken on the way. Furthermore, checking the vehicle carefully before the trip is a must-do procedure in order that it will work well and stays away from all rising troubles. Our drivers must be very experienced and careful too as it is not easy to go around those untouched areas. They are all full time workers, government licensed in the tourism industry with at least 5 years driving experience.

driver in the northeast

Luxury restaurants are not available in the far North of Vietnam. Standard restaurants can hardly find. Then our meals are mostly at basic local restaurants with simple dishes. It is not expensive for having lunch/dinner there and it costs around 5-7 usd per meal only. Breakfasts are mostly not included at hotel and you will have breakfasts outside with Vietnamese popular dishes like noodle soup, sticky rice, bread, etc.  

meals at restaurantmeals in the northeast

NOTE: Acceptable restaurants are all located at towns which are sometimes far away from our visiting destinations. So lunch can be arranged quite late at around 1pm or 2pm.

Dinner at homestay
dinner at homestay in ha giang

dinner in ba be lake

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