Top 5 Beaches for Vietnam Beach Holiday

15, April, 2015

Top 5 Beaches for Vietnam Beach Holiday

Are you looking for a beach holiday to Vietnam or the best beach to stay during your Vietnam holiday? Vivutravel, your local tour operator and expert in Vietnam would like to recommend the top 5 beaches of Vietnam as below;

1.  Danang Beaches
Stretching all the way down to Hai Van Pass, there comes the north central coast with a chain of nice beaches many of which are entirely deserted as most travelers would take a direct flight from Hanoi to Hue or simply admire them from trains.

Lang Co Beach, about 70 km south of Hue Imperial City and 30 km north of Da Nang, is a cutting from all north central beaches. Right at the foot of Hai Van Pass (Pass of Ocean Clouds), this beach offers alluring postcard vistas of distant mountains, green forests and blue sea. A sparkling lagoon and a long stretch of fine sand shaded with palm make it a magnificent backdrop for Lang Co Beach Resort, the first-chosen resort in Hue.

The south central coast starting right beneath Hai Van Pass boasts the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. The first to be mentioned are endless white-sand stretches of Da Nang beaches, made famous by an American hit show “China Beach”- which gave the beach the wrong name as mistaken by American troops. The beaches are within 15-minute drive south of Da Nang Airport and in proximity to three UNESCO listed world heritage sites in Central Vietnam. Blessed with irresistible charm, Da Nang beaches are asserting as one of the best beaches in Asia. These perfect sandy stretches host some premier resorts of Vietnam, including Furama Resort and Sandy Beach (Non Nuoc) Resort.

The main attractions here are the picturesque settings of Non Nuoc Beach. Nestled at the foot of Ngu Hanh Son (Marble Mountains), the beach gently slopes towards the clear azure water of Southeast Asia Sea with tender onshore breeze. That, coupled with almost constant sunshine, makes Non Nuoc Beach an oasis for pleasure seekers. It also offers ideal surfing conditions, especially in late winter (October and November) with waves up to 18 feet high. Actually, in 1993, Vietnam held an international surfing tournament here, attracting 100 professional surfers from 20 countries.

Lang co beach

My Khe Beach, 5 kilometers north of Non Nuoc Beach, according to many locals is the real R&R destination of US soldiers during the war. Compared to Non Nuoc Beach and Bac My An Beach (around Furama Resort), My Khe offers more opportunities to drench in tranquility when padding around it in an early misty morning or just sitting by the shore in a dazzling moonlit night. It is still in quiet charm though some other luxurious resorts are coming to the scene soon.

If you are looking for more than just lounging on the sand and enjoying superb seafood, nearby Son Tra Peninsula (Monkey Mountain) has some extra-delights for you.  Located 10 km east of Da Nang city, it offers breathtaking views of the bay, the mountains and the sea. It is also in pure nature with some rarest species of birds and animals. You may also go diving there to discover its colourful coral reefs or go fishing offshore.

Quite simply, Da Nang beaches should figure on most travelers’ itineraries. Especially, for backpackers it is a haunt. Staying right in one of its resorts is grand, but you can save a lot of money by just getting a simpler room in laid-back options.

2. Hoi An beach
Cua Dai Beach, 4km northeast of Hoi An, is one of the best beaches in Central Vietnam. With 3km length and 300m width, blue water and soft white sand, it makes an ideal venue for sun seekers and seafood lovers. The beach also creates magnificent backdrops for some deluxe resorts such as Hoi An Beach Resort, Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort, Palm Gardens Beach Resort and Swiss-Belhotel Golden Sand Resort. Travelers usually rush to it for open air and cool breeze after a whole day wandering around the old town. You may easily set your foot here after a 25-miute bicycle ride along the scenic Cua Dai Street.

Cham Islands (or Cu Lao Cham) is a newly discovered gem lying 15 km east of Hoi An. There are 8 islands in which the inhabited Hon Lao is the largest one. With beautiful coral reefs, rich tropical forest and nice beaches, Cu Lao Cham has been recognized a World Biosphere Reserve. The tourism potentials have also just been awaken, so you may indulge in its tranquility and seclusion. You will also love a diving trip to explore its colorful marine life. Accommodations are currently basic homestays on Hon Lao, but luxurious resorts are expected to be coming soon. You may get there by local ferry or just pick up a tour at Cham Island Diving Centre.

3. Nha Trang beaches
Blessed with a privileged strip of coastline, Nha Trang offers the very best conditions for a grand holiday: sparkling bay, gorgeous beaches, year-round sunshine, lively nightlife and more.

This small coastal city hosts one of the world’s most beautiful bays, Nha Trang Bay. Its pristine and splendid beaches, surrounded by green hills and shaded with palms, are considered the best of Vietnam. It can be mentioned here Dai Lanh Beach (37 km north of city center), Doc Let Beach (34 km north) and Tran Phu Beach (along Tran Phu Street, the Pacific Coast Highway of Vietnam). With deep bay, white sand together with calm and warm azure water, Nha Trang is the marine city in dreams of most people. It is an ideal destination for bathing, swimming, sailing, fishing, and snorkeling. Especially, Nha Trang is a famous spot for diving enthusiasts and may be the only spot on central coast where you can find certified dive shops. It also boasts some of Vietnam’s top seafood restaurants as well as nice Thai, Indian and Italian cafes. Nha Trang bird’s net soup is the best all over the country.

Nha Trang is extremely lucky to not be influenced by monsoons that turn the rest of southern Vietnam into water six months every year. This coastal city enjoys beautiful sunshine almost year round (except the rainy October, November and December).
The best time to visit Nha Trang beaches is of course from January to early October. However, it is important to note that temperature will peak up in August while infrequent typhoons may hit the south central coast from June to October, so be on top of weather forecast for these months.
Nha Trang wind is generally not strong enough for windsurfing, with the exception of Doc Let beach (35 km north of Nha Trang), which is usually reserved for expert surfers. The least windy months of the year are April, May and June.

nha trang beach

4. Mui Ne beaches
Blessed with a long coastline, Phan Thiet boasts some best beaches in Vietnam. Running north to south of the district, there are continuous stretches of gorgeous sand, sun and sea, but only the north ones are recommended. Beaches south of Phan Thiet like Ke Ga or Ganh Son, albeit no less charming, are too dangerous to explore due to the hazards of quicksand and unexploded ordinance left by the war.

Mui Ne Beach or Rang Beach is the magnet of Phan Thiet. It is a 16-kilomettre stretch of soft-white sand, turquoise water and endless sunshine. Gracefully shaded with coconut palms, Rang Beach describes the ideal beach in imagination of many people. It offers the very best conditions for swimming as well as some world-class surfing, kite boarding and windsurfing. You should not miss a stunning sunset on it also.

Ganh Beach or Hon Rom Beach stretches along Red Sand Dunes (called Suoi Hong) to Hon Rom village. The beach itself is pristine and even more spectacular than Rang Beach, but it is not a good idea to swim there. Large parts of the beach serve as a harbor for fishing boats nearly a half of year. In addition, there are dangers of strong rip tides. Just enjoy a relaxing stroll to savor an incredible sunset over the water or join a moonlit-night party on the shore.

Suoi Nuoc Beach can be found on the way from Red Sand Dunes to White Sand Dunes in the northeast of Hon Rom Beach. It is a long and secluded stretch of gorgeous beach. Unfortunately, it is not created with a relaxing backdrop with lush hills but a Sahara-like windswept desert. There is almost no one there except some shepherds and their cattle.

Ca Na Beach, lied 35km south of Phan Rang and 123km north of Phan Thiet, is one of Vietnam’s most beautiful beaches. The convergence of mountain, forest, sky and ocean creates its rugged scenery, which is yet to be awakened by human activities. The nearby Cau Island (Hon Cau) also has much to offer. Its sandy beaches retain a sense of rocky wildness with numerous outcrops in extraordinary shapes. The area has been proposed to be a protected marine zone in an effort to conserve its colorful coral reefs and a variety of fishes, mollusc, crustacean, etc. Hon Cau is becoming an ideal destination for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Mui Ne sand dunes are major attractions in Phan Thiet. These are artful creations of sun and wind. They change in shape by the hour and are diverse in colors, depending on the location. The Red Sand Dunes can be found on the coastal road off the north end of Mui Ne village. They are thronged with local tourists and children offering sleds for rent. It is fun to slide down the dunes with this means. Red Sand Dunes are worth a stop (for photographing) on the way to White Sand Dunes (Bao Trang), 65 km northeast of the city. These dunes are much bigger, quieter and more beautiful than the former. Colors range from gold, creamy to pure white. There are three lakes in the area, the main source of fresh water for the surrounding

5. Phu Quoc Beaches
Phu Quoc boasts many sublime and deserted beaches that ring around the island. Bai Truong or Long Beach is among the best. Stretching over 20 km of grainy gold sand and gorgeous water, it offers magnificent backdrops for a full resort strip in the western side. The beach is also gracefully shaded with forest of coconuts swaying in sea breeze. This is the ideal place to relax and unwind.

Winning any heart ever been to Phu Quoc, Bai Sao Beach (Star Beach) is worth the best vote. It is located on the east coast leading to the southern tip of the island. Bai Sao offers the whitest sand, endless sunshine and year-round warm and turquoise water, ideal for swimming and sunbathing. Continuing towards the south end, you will see the stunning Bai Khem. This beach is equally beautiful as the Bai Sao if not more spectacular. However, you are not allowed to set your foot here, as it belongs to a military zone. There are, anyway, several other unexplored options like Bai Vong.

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