Why Vietnamese Eat Dogs?

22, April, 2015

Why Vietnamese Eat Dogs?

There are many tourists asking our tour guides this question " Why Vietnamese eat dogs"? And on facebook and other social media, people are trying to sto this. By eating dogs, Vietnamese are looked "ugly, horrible, cruel and bloody" in both tourists and other nationalities'eyes.

As a Vietnamese, I really love dogs. In fact, i used to eat dogs when i was a young, but not anymore. In this writing, i would like to give you some reason why Vietnamese eat dogs which can be funny, but true. 

1. Most of Vietnamese do not consider dog as pet, but house-keeping animal. Vietnamese look down on dogs and normally compare dogs with something or someone bad.

2. In the fast until now, Vietnamese farmers or peasants live a very hard life, working very hard in the fields under the rain and sun all year round, but even not enough food (rice) to eat and dog meat is considered as "Red Bull" now. Farmers/Peasants eat dogs in raining days when they can't go out to work. Free and boring time in doors, friends, relatives, villagers meet around strong tea table. They will soon decide to eat dogs which will be great news for the skinny, bony and hungry children and also a good time for men to drink some rice wine to enjoy life. 

3. What kind of dogs do Vietnamese eat? In Vietnam, there is no dog farm for meat. Vietnamese love dogs, too. People only eat stupid dogs, ugly dogs - The ones do not know how to safeguard the house. the ones do not know who are relatives, friends. The ones do not know to obey the owner's orders or simply, the dogs are too lazy, do not bark at night or barking too much. 

4. Forefathers eat dogs then the kids eat dogs and the kids are innocent. The kids just follows. So it takes time for the kids to grow up and stop to eat dogs.

5. Vietnamese only eat dogs by the end of the lunar month because many people believe that they will get good luck next month. 

6. Vietnamese believe in the law of cause and effect and people think that dogs have been suffered enough (this life) and eating dogs will help these dogs have next life soon as men. So ending a dog's life is a good act. 

The above reasons can explain why Vietnamese eat dogs. I must say, it is not right to eat dogs but this does not mean Vietnamese are cruel, horrible or bloody. Farmers/peasants are friendly, kind-hearted, but they keep eating dogs. Eating dogs is a matter of habit, culture, tradition and belief, but i see things are changing now. Many people, especially the young in the cities say no to "eating dogs". In the villages, dog thieves are beaten to death by angry villagers.

As a Vietnamese and a local tour operator, i am proud of being having a beautiful country with rich culture and many world heritages. I warmly welcome tourists to visit Vietnam. There are so many things which are interesting for you to discover.