Top Attractions in Danang for a beautiful Vietnam holiday

12, June, 2015

Top Attractions in Danang for a beautiful Vietnam holiday

Danang, the central city of Vietnma has long been considered as the pearl of Vietnam tourism and it is shining. More and more domestic and international tourists are traveling to Danang for a great Vietnam holiday where they will enjoy relaxing time at white sandy and sunny beaches, visiting to famous Ba Na Hills, Cham Museum, Marble Mountains..,and enjoy fresh and delicious seafood.

Danang Beaches
The city boasts numerous pristine beautiful beaches with bleached-white sand and crystal-clear blue water.  They include My Khe, Nam O, Xuan Thieu, Thanh Binh, Tien Sa, Son Tra, Bac My An and Non Nuoc beaches. 

Local beaches are good for swimming all year round, but especially from May to August when the waves are gentle.  On some of these beaches, lifeguard teams work from 5am to 8pm daily to ensure the safety of swimmers. 

My Khe beach is 900m long and is popular with both locals and visitors.  Once listed in the US Forbes Magazine as one of the 6 most beautiful beaches in the world, it is an idyllic beach with smooth sand and a gentle slope.  The beach has hotels, restaurants, drinks stalls, and other services which create favourable conditions for visitors to relax.  There are also a number of high-end resorts nearby should you be in need of pampering, with most offering a rich choice of treatments at their spas and a range of dining options.  In addition, seafood specialities including prawns, crabs, fish, and cuttlefish are sold in many of the small shops at reasonable prices.  My Khe Beach is now seeing the development of other activities for visitors, such as fishing, water-skiing, diving and yachting.

Located at the foot of the Marble Mountains, Non Nuoc Beach stretches for 5km in Ngu Hanh Son District’s Hoa Hai Ward.  This beach has a gentle slope, calm waves, and crystal-clear blue water all year long.  In addition, visitors can find a wonderful selection of locally-caught fresh fish and seafood readily available for them to enjoy.  Along this beach, the indigenous species of casuarina trees helps to stabilise the dunes.  This is an ideal place to pitch your tent and enjoy a camping and outdoor experience. 

After relaxing and bathing on the beach, visitors can explore the nearby Marble Mountains, with their ancient pagodas and sacred monumental caves, or watch the marble carvers in the stone carving village at the foot of the mountains.  The beach hotels offer various services such as handicraft shops, massage, restaurants, tennis and other activities.  Time spent on the Non Nuoc beach is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories and the desire to come back for more. 

Another popular local beach is Bac My An in Ngu Hanh Son District’s My An Ward, about 7km south-east from the city centre.  The 4km-long beach boasts white sand, blue water and high-quality resorts: T18, My Da Dong 2, My Da Dong 3, Bac My An, Furama and Pullman Danang Beach Resort.  In particular, the 5-star Furama Resort is well-equipped with lots of comfortable bedrooms and other excellent services.  In addition, there are several smaller hotels and guest houses available for those who prefer cheaper accommodation.  Bac My An Beach with its beauty and good services is truly a terrific place for locals and visitors to unwind and relax. 

Situated 17km north-west of the city, Nam O Beach offers environmental boat rides to places like Hoa Bac and Hoa Bang.  According to locals, the name Nam O means the south of the O district (a very old location).  This beach has a moderate slope with clear blue water and white sand stretching along the foot of a mountain.  From here, visitors can reach the Son Tra peninsula by road along the mountain or by boat on the west coast, as well as visit a village of the Katu ethnic group in Hoa Vang district’s Hoa Bac Commune. 

Located nearer the inner-city, Thanh Binh Beach is also very popular with locals and visitors.  Water sports are available here, including windsurfing, yachting and boating. 

Xuan Thieu Beach, also known as a "Red Beach", is famous for its clean and beautiful white sand, as well as the clear blue sea.  Visiting the beach at sunrise or sunset, you will understand the meaning of the beach.  Sunlight reflecting from the water gives the entire beach a red colour. 

There are 3 famous beaches on the Son Tra Peninsula.  They are North, South and But (Buddha) beaches.  Apart from relaxing and bathing on these beaches, visitors have the opportunity to discover the primeval forest with its rich flora and fauna on the peninsula, to dive and explore the coral reefs, or go fishing.

Marble Mountains
07 km to the southeast of the Danang city centre, Marble Mountains are considered as the “Landscape of the Southern Sky” with five mountains: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth 

Kim Son (mountain of metal), Moc Son (Mountain of Wood), Thuy Son (Mountain of Water), Hoa Son (Mountain of Fire), and Tho Son (Mountain of Earth). Marble Mountains have attractive sights such as Da Chong tunnel; Ba Tho Cave, Hades Cave, Huyen Khong Cave, Linh Ung Pagoda, Vong Giang Tower, etc., which is suitable for spiritual tourism. At the feet of the mountains, there is a village of marble sculptural arts over 300 years of age. It is the place for tourists to see with their own eyes the stone sculptural arts of talent craftsmen, and tourists can choose their most favourite products as souvenirs.

Museum of Cham Sculpture
The Museum’s first building was opened in 1919, but many Cham sculptures collected in Da Nang and elsewhere were brought to the site over the preceding 20 years.The collection was begun by French archaelogists and experts from L’École Francaise d’Extrême Orient (EFEO). Some artefacts were sent to Paris and others to the Ha Noi and Sai Gon (now Ho Chi Minh City) museums, but many typical objects were left in Tourane (now Da Nang). 

The establishment of a Cham sculpture museum in Da Nang was first proposed in 1902 by the Department of Archaelogy of EFEO. Henri Parmentier, a prominent archaelogist of the department, made great contributions to the compaign for its construction. The first building was designed by two French architects. M. Deleval and M. Auclair. The Museum has been extended twice, but the character of the original architecture has been well preserved.

Ba Na Hills
5 km to the southwest of Da Nang at an altitude of 1,487m, Ba Na Hills are considered as “One temperate place in the tropical forest” because the climate is cool all the year round and you can enjoy four seasons within a single day.

In addition, Ba Na cable cars hold two Guinness World Records: the world’s longest single cable car system (5,042.62 m long) and the world highest gap between its departure and arrival station (1,291.81 m high). A series of four star hotel with 137 rooms and standard restaurants which can serve every demand of tourists. Bana is still being invested and expanded to offer tourists with more attractive options. Old French villas have been restored with high-class standards. Sport leisure centers, food and cultural exhibition are being designed. Eco-tourism destinations, nature exploitation and other new-fangled ideas about a hidden mountain and forest area are continuously taken shape. All of these features promise a changeable, unheard-of and unique space, beckoning near and far tourists to come and to fly up with Ba Na. 

Two kilometres to the East of Ba Na Hills, there is Mo Stream with its wildness of the forests and deep streams.

Son Tra Peninsula
Son Tra Peninsula is 10km from the center of Da Nang City to the North-east and is 693m high above sea level. Son Tra Mountain can be seen from every places of the city.

Son Tra looks like a mushroom of which cap is Son Tra Mountain and stalk is a beautiful sandy beach that affords an ideal area for bathing, playing sports, fishing and swimming. 

With its sea-oriented appearance, Son Tra acts as a giant screen protecting Da Nang from storms and cyclones coming from the sea. Son Tra is put under the national protected forest regulation since it is a natural preservation area. The Peninsula is famous for its plentiful plants and fauna as well as the attractive scenery. It is said that fairies used to come here for singing, dancing and playing chess so Son Tra is also called Tien Sa (Fairies’ landing place). On this mountain, there still remain more than 30km² of natural forests, nearly 300 types of plants and several hundred kinds of fauna, including rare animal. From the top of the mountain, you can see the overall view of Da Nang City, Marble Mountains, Ba Na – Mount Chua, so interesting! 

Suoi Da (Stone Stream) lies by the side of the foot of the mountain, fine sandy surfaces run round the peninsula, several breaks of waves are running steadily up and down and washing up on the stones heaped up around the seaside. All are attractive spots for tourists. It is so majestic and it is so romantic, it is so wide and it is really beautiful. In one-day stay at Son Tra, visitors can enjoy living in the resplendent flow of dawn and the quietness of twilight on this fascinating landscape. And that is a time for them to realize the value of each and every moment and the true calling of the hearts. You can also swim in the cool sea and enjoy the fine view of the sandy banks run round the peninsula. The quiet Bai But offers you relaxing times sitting in small nice houses to hear the sound of waves and look swallows fly to the mount cliffs. The colorful coral reefs at the foot of the mountain are an ideal condition for the development of diving tourism.

Son Tra is a special gift of the god to Danang. It can be seen from every places of the city. And from the top of the mountain, the vista is so enjoyable and peaceful, etc.