6 unmissed destinations for your Vietnam photo tour

19, August, 2015

6 unmissed destinations for your Vietnam photo tour

Vietnam is a photogenic country with spectacular landscapes, exotic white sandy beaches and valuable historical and cultural destinations that will satisfy all photograph lovers. Even you are professional photographers you can challenge yourself with untouched areas in more difficult levels. Photography tour to Vietnam will connect you with the local people, culture and nature, break down the language barriers to look out for great shots and you will take home outstanding images of your Vietnam photo tour.

Being a leading tour operator in organizing photo tours in Vietnam, Vivutravel would like to advise you 6 unmissed places for beautiful photos of a life time:

1/ Halong Bay: Located in the Gulf of Tonkin including more than 1,600 islands and islets, forming a spectacular seascape of limestone pillars with marvelous caves inside. The permanent beauty of emerald water, jade stone islands and sparkling sunlight from the sky will inspire you taking wonderful shots.

2/ Sapa: Is a beautiful mountainous town in the Northwest Vietnam and home of diversified ethnic minorities scattering in remote areas of valleys and mountains whose lifestyles and culture are different from the modern life. Just simple snaps of ethnic kids smile can make all hearts warm.  

3/ Northeast mountains: Are unexplored region of Vietnam where, until recently, you needed special permits to visit. These are places that you can see snaking roads on high steep mountains, scattered sometimes a stilt-house at nearly top of the mountain. Imagine your off the beaten paths are adorned with rolling mountains in different sizes and shapes, hidden inside the white cloud and blue sky.

4/ Son Doong Cave: Is the World’s largest cave created 5 million years ago with an amazing underneath system of jungle, river, caves and gigantic formations. There is nowhere in the World you can see enormous stalagmites rising from the ground and statuesque stalactites hanging from the ceiling like an alien species. Jungles emerge from inside the cave itself, a scene so surreal that you have to see it to believe. Misty clouds envelop the whole scene, a result of the cave’s own localized weather system. Passages adorned with ancient fossils offer evidence of the millions of years that have passed on this Earth.

5/ Mekong Delta: Is famous for its mighty river-ways, river-life and floating markets. As the biggest rice bowl in Vietnam, Mekong Delta is a landscape carpeted in a dizzying variety of green rice fields that seem to be endless spreading.

6/ Mui Ne Beach: Is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, however it is not the special thing that you can find in Mui Ne as it is so easy to see in other countries. The special things in Mui Ne are beautiful sand dunes in white and red spreading like silk paths and the color of sand changes differently at different times of the day. They are so especially beautiful in sunrise and sunset when you can take amazing photos.

Book Vietnam photo tours with Vivutravel and take wonderful photographs that you could not catch in other parts of the world.