Travel tips for your Vietnam photo tour

20, August, 2015

Travel tips for your Vietnam photo tour

Vietnam is an amazing country to travel with beautiful nature, friendly people, traditional lifestyle and diversified culture as it is just on its first steps reaching to the modern world. Especially, Vietnam is a country full of photographic opportunities to plan your Vietnam photo tours where you can take outstanding photographs of spectacular landscapes and unique lifestyles. However, you should take note something that will be very useful for your Vietnam photography tour:

1/ There are many interesting places to visit and take photographs in Vietnam which will satisfy your desire. Then you should book your photo trip with a local travel agent in order that they can arrange the best places based on your favorites as the destinations on a Vietnam photo tour are sometimes different from popular tourist sites.

2/ It is advised to use local guides during your Vietnam photograph tour as they are expert in finding the best places to take wonderful shots and they understand clearly and exactly about each destination.

3/ Many photographers love taking portrait images of local people, especially ethnic minorities in Sapa mountainous areas. But it is better to ask for their agreement so that you can take photos in real and natural manners. A smile, gesture pointing to the camera, will often be all it takes. Try to establish a relationship with them, if only for a few minutes by learning a few words of the language. 

4/ Traffic in dynamic cities like Ho Chi Minh & Hanoi is also a hot trend which is special for various means of transportations from motorbikes, motorized rickshaws, bicycles, cyclos and street vendors. However, you should carefully choose a corner where you can take great shots with safety.

5/ Home-stay is an interesting part in your trip that should not be missed as you will have chance to live with local people, understand more about their life and culture and you can take a lot of exotic images.

6/ Don't photograph anything which might be military sensitive or police doing their duty as you might get big trouble.

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