The beautiful terraced rice field in Sapa

25, August, 2015

The beautiful terraced rice field in Sapa

Sapa is the most popular tourist attractions of Vietnam travel. This place has beautiful terraces and the villages of ethnic minorities. The rice terrace fields can be found in the Muong Hoa valley between Sapa town and the Fansipan mountain.

There are two way to get to Sapa, by train and by car. The train from Hanoi to Lao Cai station takes around 8 hours overnight and 6 hours by car via the new highway, you can see the beauty of terraced fields in Sapa.

Sapa Terraces has existed for hundreds of years. It was created by hard working hands of ethnic minority peoples Dao, Hmong, Dzay live in the valley. There are a lot of beautiful terraces in Sapa but the most beautiful plots in Lao Chai & Ta Van, these are complex of rice terraces beautiful and biggest in Sapa

The beauty of the terraced fields in Sapa become a destination attracted by tourists, especially those photographers. They are not afraid to have to climb through the mountains, through the streams, crossing the difficult road to take the most beautiful photos of rice terrace fields.

The best time to visit Sapa terraces is from April to May and August to September. At these times, the weather is very comfortable for tourism. It is dry, clear with much sunshine with the stable temperature makes it the perfect time for trekking and photos.

Sapa terraces has been voted as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world by the popular tourist websites.