Best trekking routes for Vietnam tour in Sapa

09, September, 2015

Best trekking routes for Vietnam tour in Sapa

Sapa is one of the best places to visit in Vietnam and your Vietnam tour will be a pity without visiting to that destination. Especially, travel to Sapa is now very easy with two comfortable means of transportation: by car or by train as it takes only 10 hours on the night trains or 6 hours on car. However, it seems to be quite difficult to plan a memorable Vietnam holiday to Sapa as you don’t know which will be the best trekking routes and which will be suitable for you. As a leading tour operator in Vietnam and Sapa, Vivutravel would like to advise you 6 best trekking routes in Sapa:

1/ Full day to Ham Rong mountain and Cat Cat hill tribe village: You spend the whole morning to climb up Ham Rong mountain where you can see the panoramic view of Sapa town. It will take around 2.5 hours to easily climb up and down the stone stairs passing beautiful orchid gardens, flower gardens, Cloud yard, heaven gate… In the afternoon, do a light trek to Cat Cat hill tribe village which is just 1Km from Sapa town center with new cement road to the entrance gate. From there, it takes around 3Km to walk around the village passing an amazing waterfall. Both Cat Cat village and Ham Rong Mountain are now very popular and become tourism centers with crowded local and Asian tourists. However, they are suitable for Vietnam family tour to Sapa with easy walking distances.

2/ Full day to Y Linh Ho, Lao Chai & Ta Van hill tribe villages: It is one of the most beautiful trekking route in Sapa passing Muong Hoa Valley with around 10Km distance. Both villages are home of Hmong and Red Dao ethnic minorities where you can see beautiful rice terraces one after one like a yellow silk path. You can also try some Cloud Bridges and take beautiful photos with local ethnic people. Even it is a popular route and crowded, it is worth to add on your Vietnam tour if you will travel to Sapa on Aug & Sep as these are the best months of rice terraces turning to yellow. This route is also suitable for Sapa tour with kids and you should transfer by car from Ta Van back to Sapa.

3/ Full day to Ma Tra, Sa Pa & Ta Phin hill tribe villages: Ma Tra & Sa Pa are home of Hmong group and Ta Phin is home of Red Dao group. The distance is around 12Km passing many hamlets that are closed to the trekking path and you can even visit some local-houses, interact with local people and discover their unique life-styles. In Ta Phin, you can also visit to an old church in French architecture. The fact is that this route is suitable for traveling time out of rice terrace season as you couldn’t see the panoramic view of rolling rice fields. However, this route is not touristic.

4/ Full day to Hang Da & Hau Thao hill tribe villages: The way to Hang Da gets the most beautiful panoramic view of the whole Sapa town and Muong Hoa valley as you only keep climbing up to Hang Da village. At the end of Hang Da village, you can see Hang Da Church which is quite big and modern and served for nearby local people. From Hang Da, you trek down to Hau Thao and the trekking distance is around 12Km.

5/ Full day to Xa Xeng & Hau Thao hill tribe villages: It takes around 12Km from Xa Xeng to Hau Thao passing beautiful views of bamboos, local ethnic houses, peach gardens… This route is also suitable for adventure lovers as the trekking paths are all going up and down.

6/ Full day to Ta Van, Giang Ta Chai, Su Pan hill tribe villages: If you stay at Ta Van homestay, you can do this amazing trekking route which takes around 6Km passing streams, rice terraces that you can touch, beautiful waterfall and exotic bamboo forest. This route is short but very difficult to go with small and steep mountainous paths which are so natural and less impacted from people. This route is suitable for young travelers or anyone who love adventure tour.