6 Things tourists love Vietnam

11, September, 2015

6 Things tourists love Vietnam

1. Landscape

There are many beautiful landscapes in Vietnam and a lot of  wonders recognized  are the world's natural heritage such as Halong bay, Hoi An ancient town, Phong Nha cave…

Vietnam is a stunning place. It’s easy to appreciate the country’s rice paddies, rivers, misty peaks and wondrous caves. From the rice-cultivating tropical lowlands, to the rich-soiled, coffee-producing highlands, Vietnam offers a unique and varied travel experience.

2. Experiences

Anywhere in Vietnam are unforgettable experiences for tourists. Whether you are sightseeing, or exploring the caves, or see the motorbike carrying pigs in the street, you will find many interesting and different, not visible anywhere in the world.

3. Welcome at anywhere

Vietnamese people are very friendly, pleasant and hospitable. The foreign tourists come here often greeted with smiles and most of them are happy to help despite not speak a foreign language.

4. Very cheap

Vietnam was voted as tourist destination with a reasonable price and pleasant than other countries in the world . With the same amount you can stay at 5-star hotel in Vietnam , but only enough money stay at 3 star hotel in New York.

5. Premium Coffee

The taste of Vietnamese coffee  is considered very unique and rich. At each place has a different taste of coffee , so visitors are not boring. Every day must drink one cup of coffee a day and buy as a gift .

6. Delicious Food

The food  is one of the very best things about your Vietnam travel. Vietnamese food is distinct and unforgettable, great taste and availability. As any traveller to Vietnam will know, the street food is second to none in terms of its diversity. Street food in Vietnam not only represents practical, low-cost food but also the local food culture. Enjoying street foods becomes a culture and lifestyle of Vietnamese residents and unmissable things in foreign visitor’s mind.

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