Vietnam and what tourists do not like

20, September, 2015

Vietnam and what tourists do not like

Vietnam is highly praised by many international tourists for beautiful landscapes, rich culture, interesting history, friendly people, great cuisine, pristine beaches; However, when asked "if you return to Vietnam", most of tourists say "No, not sure or never". In fact, this is a big headache for Vietnam tourism, Vietnam tour makers and tour operators, hotels and other related travel services.

Vivutravel has done a research and we realize that there are some reasons as below:

1. Tourists say "i love Vietnam, but i like Thailand and will return to Thailand". Vietnam is more beautiful than the neighboring countries, but it is boring as there are not many places to see or do at night after 10:00 pm, just eat and sleep.

2. Tourists travel to Vietnam especially the backpackers are sometimes mistreated and ripped off. Again, tourists to Vietnam complain that they have to pay twice or three times higher than the locals which are unfair.

3. Tourists are disturbed and hunted by street vendors who are very persistent and seem to be so rude if tourists are not going to buy something from them.

4. The Vietnam visa fee is too high and complicated while in Thailand, Malaysia..., they enjoy visa exemption.

5.  Vietnam tourism has not done good job in protecting the right of tourists. Many travel agencies are operating Vietnam tour without a license or tourists do not know who or where to complain if they got a problem.

6. People work in tourism industry are not qualified or professional enough.

7. Vietnam travel is not so competitive. The hotels, food are reasonable, but the airfare prices are high which make a Vietnam travel package uncompetitive.

Vietnam tourism is facing some above mentioned issues, but things are improving and Vietnam travel is still a great choice because of one reason, Vietnam is listed as a must see holiday destination of a lifetime.

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