8 natural destinations travelers should visit in Laos tour

23, September, 2015

8 natural destinations travelers should visit in Laos tour

Laos is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit in Indochina tours. It is called  the “Million Elephants” country because of the lifestyle of Laos people and the beautiful landscapes in Laos. Travel to Laos, tourist have chance to immerse their selves in natural space of Kong Lor Cave, Kuang Si waterfall, Khone Phanpheng waterfall or Khoun Kong Leng Lake. That is why Vivutravel would like to share travelers some amazing natural destinations in your Laos tour.

1.    Khong Lor Cave
Located in the Khong Lor village. Khong Lor cave is the is famous for its 20 meter wide underground river where tourists have a chance to take the small boat to visit beautiful corners inside the cave which is over 7km long and includes a spectacular cavern over 100m high.

2.    Nam Ou Canyon
Nam Ou is one of the most important rivers of Laos, it runs 448km from Phongsaly Province to Luang Prabang province. Known as the Grand Canyon of Laos, it brings tourists a different excursion on the river and along two riversides, there are majestic cliffs interspersing with fertile villages

3.    Khone Phanpheng Waterfall
Located in the Champasak province, Khone Phanpheng water fall is one of the biggest attractions of the 4000 islands near the border with Cambodia. It's a water falls with a length of almost 10 kilometers, which becomes the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia to Khone Phapheng.

4.    Tat Somphamit Watterfall
The waterfall has another name of Liphi. It is believed that this is where the souls of vicious animals and people are trapped. Besides spiritual sense, the 1.5 km river has beautiful and impressive landscapes. The waterfall is about 800 meters from a bridge connecting two islands of Don Det and Don Khon. The time when the waterfall is at its best is after rainy season.

5.    Khoun Kong Leng Lake
Khoun Kong Leng lake is located in Khammouane province. This is small but spectacular emerald colored water springs from an underground river that is filtered through a mass of limestone in the surrounding mountains and bedrock with bright green water.

 6.    Kuang Si Waterfall
It will be a miss to travel to Laos without visiting Kuang Si waterfall. The waterfall is large which flows down and forms many streams and lakes. Tourists can enjoy bathe in the turquoise water. Kuang Si waterfall flows all year round, but there is less water in March and May.

7.    The Mekong River
Mekong is the longest river in Southeast Asia, with 4,350 m. From China, the river flows through Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. In Laos visitors can discover landscapes on the river with a luxury cruise such as Mekong Sun, Luang Say cruises, Vat Phou cruises.

8.    The national nature reserve of Nam Et Phou Louey
Located in northeast Laos, covers more than 11,500 square miles of mixed deciduous, dry evergreen, and upper montane forests.A total of 20 carnivore species have been recorded in the Nam Et-Phou Louey landscape, one of the highest numbers ever surveyed there. This is a nature reserve of many rare, endangered animals such as tiger, Sambar deer, white-cheeked gibbon, bison ...