Experience to be a farmer in Hoi An

20, October, 2015

Experience to be a farmer in Hoi An

Farming works have never been easy to Vietnamese farmers, but more and more international foreigners are interested in the experience while traveling in Vietnam.

With an agricultural land, water buffalos, farming tools like plow, firewood stove, hand rice grill, farmers in Cam Thanh commune in Hoi An will introduce foreign tourists their normal jobs in the paddy fields.

During the trip in Hoi An, tourists can enjoy the fresh air and take photos of the Vietnamese rural countryside with paddy fields, houses with bamboo-thatched roofs, and small, rough walking paths.

They also spend time on a local family with the interpretation of an English-speaking tour guide, who helps them learn about a typical farming life in Vietnam; about water buffaloes – the animal that plays a key role in the family; and about rice – Vietnamese main diet.

After that, they can have some hands-on experiences by engaging directly in several activities on the muddy fields like a real local farmer. Wearing farmer’s clothes and non la (conical hats), grow and harvesting rice, pluck grains off ears using a machine, filter rice grains using large and flat baskets, separate husks from grains, cook rice in a traditional way and use rice milk to make pancakes.

This kind of ecotourism gives tourists a unique insight into local life. They can understand more about Vietnam's rice cultivation culture. Moreover, by teaching tourists to do farming works in the fields, life of many villages in Hoi An has been improved significantly in recent years.

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