Vietnam cooking holiday

28, October, 2015

Vietnam cooking holiday

Have you ever heard about Vietnamese Pho "Rice noodle soup" or Vietnamese Bread - praised as the world's best sandwich? If yes, you are really food lovers and it is enough for us to understand why Vietnam cuisine is famous all over the world. Vietnamese cuisine is a perfect combination of five fundamental tastes and each dish has a distinctive flavor which reflects some of these elements. So it will be a pity if we just hear and don’t try or discover some of them. Let’s see what will be included in your Vietnam cooking holiday with Vivutravel.

Local markets should be the first factor in your Vietnam culinary tours as you can learn about Vietnamese basic ingredients such as fish, meat, egg, vegetable, fresh herb, fruit, etc. It will be also interesting to see the local daily trading activities as you can understand more about their culture. If you have some relaxing days at beach, it is worth to visit to a local fish market opened in early morning where the local fishermen sell their catch to local traders.

After visiting to local markets, it is a good chance to try local street foods as Vietnam is also famous as a paradise of street foods. There are a lot of favorite foods that you can try and Hanoi is advised to be the best place with Pho “Rice noodle soup with beef or chicken”, Vietnamese Bread, Grilled fish, Spring roll, egg coffee, draught beer or mixed fruit.

Finally, there will be a lot of cooking classes included in your Vietnam cooking holiday which focus on the cuisine of each of Vietnam’s three regions. You will be shown the ways of cooking many famous dishes from North to South with direction from master chefs. The cooking classes are professional and fully equipped as you can prepare and cook the dishes yourselves.

Besides culinary experience, you can visit to many outstanding tourist sites from natural to cultural and historical destinations like Halong bay with luxurious overnight cruises, Hue Royal Citadel with royal architecture, Hoi An Ancient Town with ancient building and Mekong Delta with floating markets.