Photography tour in Vietnam

28, October, 2015

Photography tour in Vietnam

Listed among 20 best countries to visit in your lifetime, Vietnam is an ideal photographic destination in the world where you will have opportunities to capture the most beautiful and diverse images of the country - land and people.

Vivutravel has been ogranising many successful photography tours in Vietnam for individuals and groups who book through our website or through our overseas partners. All Vietnam photography tours designed by Vivutravel are suitable for both professional and amateur photographers to maximize their skills.

The best destinations for a photography tour in Vietnam:
1. The old quarter of Hanoi is the great place to photos of the old streets and people's daily life.

2. Sapa is the most stunning destination to take wonderful photos of the rice terraces and friendly ethnic people. Again, there are 4 seasons in a day in Sapa so you will have different photos in one location. For these reasons, photography tour in Sapa is a must.

3. Bac Ha market in Laos Cai is perfect place to experience a different culture and take photos of the people who come to market not only to trade home-made stuffs like tobaco, rice wine, embroideries, vegetables or dogs, cats, pigs, buffaloes, horses..., but also to drink, to meet friends...

4. Ha Giang is the northernmost province of Vietnam which is quite isolated from the modern life. The high and rocky mountains, unique culture of many ethnic groups, picturesque sceneries... are just perfect for any Vietnam photography tour.

photography tour in Vietnam

5. Halong bay is definitely the best Vietnam tour destination where you can take beautiful photos of the hidden beaches, islets and islands in all shapes, Halong cruises, caves, grottoes...

6. Hoi An ancient town named as the top destination for all Vietnam tours. With photography tour in Hoi An, you will have your chance to capture amazing images of the ancient houes, streets, colorful lanterns or picturesque countryside around Hoi An.

7. Mekong delta is the prominent destination for any Vietnam tour package where you can take photos of the fascinating floating markets, life of the locals along one of the world's great river systems - Mekong river.

Photography tour in Vietnam with Vivutravel will be designed by our experienced travel consultant and served by our professional tour guides and drivers who know what to do for a great photography tour. All you need is to send us your Vietnam photography tour inquiry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we do the rest. See you soon in Vietnam!