Chuon Lagoon – a tranquil picture of Hue should not be missed

08, November, 2015

Chuon Lagoon – a tranquil picture of Hue should not be missed

If you are looking for a peaceful place in your Vietnam vacation in order to refresh and release stresses from your busy life, then Chuon Lagoon will definitely not make you disappointed.

Chuon lagoon is a part of Tam Giang lagoon aquatic system and it is located in An Truyen Village, Phu Vang district which is nearly 15 kilometers away from the centre of Hue city. Chuon lagoon is well-known as a must-see spot in Hue because of its charming scenery. It is a fascinating place for tourists who love exploring and hunting for amazing photos. There are many travellers come here in order to have their own infatuated pictures.

Chuon lagoon is deeply peaceful in the early morning since the fishermen have not come back here yet with the boats full of fishes and shrimps after catching whole night. Most local people here live by fishing and they are very hard-working. They frequently start their work at 6pm and finish at 6am next day. The boat is very meaningful to the fishermen’s life which is used for not only subsistence, but also the residence of their families where they live all year around. In the morning, many kinds of fresh seafood are sold on the lagoon.

This trip will bring to you the new and unique experiences that only have at Chuon lagoon such as learning fisherman’s life with their traditional ways of catching fishes as well as using fishing tools, enjoy fresh and good seafood with famous fishes such as Kinh fish, Ong fish and Nau fish, travelling on boat on Tam Giang lagoon, exploring the life style of countryside and taking the admirable photos.

At sunset, Chuon lagoon appears wonderfully like a picturesque landscape. Leaving the noise of urban city behind, you will complete melt into the extreme tranquility here and be surrounded by the breath-taking beauty of scenery. Especially, Chuon lagoon looks most fascinating in the period of time between April and July according to lunar calendar and it is seen as the best time to visit.

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