Outstanding value of Sapa

13, November, 2015

Outstanding value of Sapa

Sapa is a beautiful and mountainous town in Northwest Vietnam along the border with China. It is blessed with rugged scenery and rich cultural diversity. Until now, there are 2 easiest ways to travel to Sapa including night train (10 hours) and by car (6 hours). Even Sapa has rapidly become a tourist hot-spot, there are many remote and untouched areas that you can explore. Sapa mountainous town will surely be a highlight in your Vietnam tour package.

Sapa is domestically and internationally famous for its fresh and cool atmosphere where you can stay for days to relax. And you will be impressed its weather with 4 seasons in a day: spring in the morning, summer in the noon with light sunshine, fall evening with slight fog and little cloud in the sky and winter at night. The average temperature is around 15 degree C all year round.

Traveling to Sapa is different from each season which brings it different beauties. In spring, you can see numerous blooming flowers of peach and plum everywhere. Not like the winter, spring is just a little bit covered by fog which makes Sapa looking more beautiful like a heaven. In summer, it is an amazing chance to contemplate the mountains, the waterfalls, the stilt-house and waterfalls in sunshine. But best time to visit Sapa must be autumn with the unique beauty of terraced rice fields cascading down the mountains like waterfalls and changing from green to yellow. In winter, it is severe cold weather with fog and sometimes snow. Although it is a low season, touring Sapa in winter must be an exotic experience.

best time to visit sapa

When talking about Sapa, people will never forget its world nature wonder – the rice terrace which is selected as one of the most fantastic rice fields in Asia. It symbolizes for the hard working of local ethnic minorities from generation to generation and the man's victory over hard natural conditions. If you are professional, you should visit Sapa at the end of Aug when you can see all terraced rice fields in yellow and if you are lucky, you can even see people in harvest time.

Another interesting thing of a trip to Sapa is trekking to remote hill tribe villages to discover their unique lifestyle and interact with local ethnic minorities. Even they are living in simple living conditions they always smile and express their friendly and hospitality to visitors.

Finally, Sapa has been famous for its unique culture that you can’t see in other parts of the country. The diversity of ethnic minorities in Sapa has created the richness of its culture that you can see through their daily life activities. Especially, if you have chance to set your foot in those areas in festival season, you will be surprised by the unique and traditional features of native people which are reflected through religious and spiritual rituals as wishing the God for peaceful region, good weather, good harvesting, human health or abundant folk games.