Beautiful home-stays in Vietnam tour

14, November, 2015

Beautiful home-stays in Vietnam tour

If you want to experience real life of Vietnamese, home-stay will be the best choice for your Vietnam tour. This is not for the dainty or person who is looking for a 5 star resort or modern hotels in the city central. Because home-stay is located in the remote area. Bed is clean, real toilet but different comfort level, the host is very sweet, friendly, responsive and helpful!. Besides, the food is excellent, they can offer you very nice local food and you will never forget your great home-stay in Vietnam travel. In this article, we would like to suggest clients the most beautiful home-stays from South to North of Vietnam.

1.    Home-stay in Mekong Delta
Travel to Mekong Delta from Ho Chi Minh, it is quite easy for you to find the beautiful home-stay in Mekong. Overnight in home-stay in Mekong Delta, you will enjoy the different culture Vietnam. The Mekong Delta Region is world famous for it's abundance of fresh fish, snails, shrimp, and a large variety of fruits and vegetables. Overnight in Mekong delta, you also have chance to learn how to use unique and unusual methods of fishing, cooking, gardening and cruising in the small channels.

2.    Home-stay in Hoian
Home-stay in Hoian is the real place for you to enjoy your memorable Vietnam holiday, it is set amongst the rice paddy fields of a rural village. From the comfort of your balcony room,  you can observe the daily activities of the local villagers. Staying at home-say in Hoian allows you to be more connected to nature and the local community.

3.    Home-stay in Sapa
Sapa is such a beautiful place, what is most stunning destination to visit in any Vietnam tour packages. That is a wonderful mountains with mixes minorities culture as Hmong, Dzay, Red Dao, Tay, Kinh....Home-stay is outside Sapa with beautiful valley. It is a cozy home for those who like to experience and see a mix of minority household products, fabrics, self designed and locally made furniture.

sapa homestay

4.    Home-stay in Dong Trieu
Different with others in Vietnam, home-stay in Yen Duc – Dong Trieu – Quang Ninh is a typical Vietnamese agricultural village which is rich in culture and traditions, it is also granted with beautiful landscape. The village is surrounded by the historical mountains which are mirrored themselves in the Kinh Thay river. Stay in this home-stay, you can be easy to combine the tour with Halong bay cruise.

5.    Home-stay in Ba Be Lake
Accommodation at Ba Be Lake is in a local village home-stay. The houses in the area are built in traditional fashion, from wood and bamboo, raised on stilts above the ground and with a central kitchen hearth. The accommodation is simple but comfortable, and facilities modest but clean. You’re sure to be smitten by the warmth and hospitality of your hosts.

6.    Home-stay in Mai Chau
Mai Chau is one of the most beautiful destination in Vietnam adventure tours, traveling to Mai Chau, most of tourist would like to stay in home-stay, because it is beautiful traditional home of Thai minority. Atay in this home-stay, you will have chance to visit the beautiful villages, walk or trek on trails less travelled, meet the locals and visit one of the most beautiful market on Sunday in Mai Chau.